Bomb ass english muffins

A few weeks ago, or maybe now, it was more like a couple of months, I stumbled upon these fantastic looking english muffins at Hannaford. I was attracted to their simple packaging that clearly was not about the look but about the food. And believe me, these discs of goodness do all the talking. It was a four pack made by Bomb Diggity Bakery in Portland. And you know me, I always read the ingredients, especially when it comes to things like bread. I was delighted to find that there are literally six ingredients, the first one being Maine whole wheat. One of these muffins, is 250 calories, perfect to accompany an egg white with some veggies after a run. So I bought them and the next morning I was propelled into sheer english muffin heaven. I mean, these things crisp up beautifully in the toaster, they are so incredibly tasty and even better, filling. They don’t give me that instant full bread usually does with a swift crash after but a long, healthy full till my morning snack. My favorite thing is using them for breakfast sandwiches, a little egg white, a couple slices of turkey bacon, mmmmmmm, yes!

Anyways, a couple of days ago while doing my pre Sandy shopping, this man bagging my groceries at Hannaford, clearly a manager, says to me, “Are these good?” And I was like, “Um, sir, of course, they are more than good, they are great.” He looks perplexed and goes on to tell me that they really don’t sell. The man that brings them in can only bring in a few at a time because of that. Howwwwww can they not sell????? They are wonderful gems, simply wonderful. Are people confused???? I mean, read the ingredients on a Thomas’s english muffin and you will get what I am throwing down. Plus, they are smaller and taste like cardboard. People, get into Hannaford and buy these things, they are right in the fresh bakery aisle. $2.99 and worth every penny. DO IT!