Oh Restoration Hardware, how you tickle my fancy

I recently found the phrase “Lady Porn” and you know, I really had no idea what that meant until the Restoration Hardware catalog arrived in my office yesterday. Then, it hit me. Lady Porn is the ultimate drooling over things I may not be able to afford now but maybe someday in twenty to fifty years, I might possibly be able to. But probably not. At the moment, my husband & father in-law are in the midst of constructing this beautiful ocean front home on Little John Island and I use that as my blank canvas when I dream of all these majestic pieces I would love to own. Honestly, they wouldn’t quite fit in my house but in this architecturally interesting space, they would be perfection. Currently, I am addicted to the idea of reclaimed wood. I just think the whole concept is amazing. It’s great for the eye and even better for the environment. These pieces that they have this season, which are made with reclaimed wood, make my heart skip, a million beats. The wine rack for instance, if you could even call it that, could beautifully display all my vintage bottles. If I had that in my home, I would walk by it every day and give it a large smooch. Although, it would be hard to keep it full like in this photo because we all know, how I love my wine. It’s like, my one thing. Anyways, I urge you all to check out their website, it’s fantastic. Pricey, yes, but there are always sales going on in which you can grab amazing deals. I would even call them steals.

My plan for spring is to revamp my home. I am starting room by room and re-imagining the space. I’m talking brighter colors, new furniture, interesting spacing of photographs and art. I want everything to be calming and lifting at the same time. I want each space to have its own concept. My very first space, the mud room. I really hate to quote Martha Stewart but I am going to “Your entry way is the first thing people see and it’s the first impression of what your home looks like” True, very true. So I intend to give my entry way a little kick. Can not wait.

Oh and by the way, the french bistro table image I am showing is affordable and a great item for outdoor capps & macarons.

I’d like to put that honey….

It’s rare that something as simple as a jar of honey can get me so excited but recently I discovered what I think to be, the best product, well, ever.

I use to be one of those individuals (here it comes……) who purchased my honey at, alas, the grocery store. Yes, I’m talking about that little bear shaped bottled that just looks at you like, “I’m cute, buy me and slather me on everything.” But about a year ago I discovered that little bear is a scornful character who is deceiving everyone with his little cute expression. Inside that little bear is honey that is not one hundred percent authentic. In fact, it’s filled with a bunch of crap, pretending to be honey. Well, that bear and I had a falling out. Now, I pass by him coldly when I’m in the pancake aisle. As many of you have heard me say about a million times, Maine, has led me to discover all sorts of new items. Honey, is one of them. Windy Hill Farm is a local place in which I usually purchase my meat, veggies and occasionally, honey. And don’t get me wrong, I love it there. The conversations I have with the owners are coveted things and I hold them close to my heart. But, about a month ago I found a new place to get my honey. A gentleman named Damien started a company called Bee Local and it’s founded on the idea that honey is marked in flavor based on its environment. It is also founded on traditional artisan techniques and the belief that a jar claiming to be honey should be just that, honey. It’s on the other side of this continent and yes, that does mildly betray my buying local philosophy but I don’t care because I think this stuff is spectacular. When I found the Bee Local website I was instantly drawn in by the video, by the beautiful little glass jars, by the promises that this product makes and more than anything, by the idea. I ordered two jars immediately, one that is a jar out a mere twenty-four in a batch and another jar that is a little more everyday. I like to think of it like my everyday flip-flops and then my dressy pimped out flip-flops.

The jars arrived a couple of weeks later and I was of course impressed with their aesthetic. I mean, the label, the hand written batch number, it’s all setting you up for what is inside.

I opened them both up and swept my finger across each one and allowed the flavors to dance on my tongue. The every day honey (which I feel is an insult to call it but you know what I mean) is by far the most whimsical honey I have ever tasted on my tongue. It was deep and flavorful, decadent and delicious. The smaller batch jar was lingering, slightly complex, light and delightful. I was so happy with the product, I will forever be a Bee Local customer. (And yes, I will just buy more meat from Windy Hill) To me, this expands my idea of buying local. I can absolutely support a company across the country who is doing something amazing. I mean, this stuff is one of a kind. I urge you to check it out, order some, stick it on your tongue (or where ever) and just let it come over you. It is that powerful. It is.


Go there. Now.

comfort & style. yes, please.

i love anything that allows me to think minimally about what i am wearing. when i was younger, wardrobe was a large part of my life. because prior to getting married and spitting out some kids, you tend to care a little bit more about what you look like. now that i am an old married lady, i still care, i just don’t have as much time. i have lots of dresses like this in my closet, when the weather gets warm and the flip-flops are once again, socially acceptable, i load my body with items like this. add some tussled hair, braided to the size perhaps, (my fave look) a cute belt and bam, you are ready for the day. also, this is nice for those of us who are not stick thin. i blame my italian heritage as well as my running legs for my not so pencil thin body but whatever the case, this item flatters it nicely.

plus the stripes make it hard to really zone in on those “problem areas”

you can pick this lovely article up at your local jcrew or if you are like me, say to hell with that and order it online. it’s a steal for only $98.00.

while you are doing that, purchase a beefy, chunky sweater to compliment it nicely when the sun goes down and it gets just a little chilly.

the last plus about this, and the last thing i am going to say, is that it also works as a functional piece. when you have a hot date and things get spicy, the whole thing can just slip right off.

go to www.jcrew.com to take a look at all their other fantastic dress options.

a french bistro, i can not live without

there is something about cafe henri in long island city, ny that just hits all of my sweet spots. you wouldn’t really know to look for it unless someone told you that it was there. it’s in, what i would call, an up and coming neighborhood. while living in new york city, it was one of the few reasons i was truly happy. walking in there every sunday morning, made me feel like home, i felt right. i wanted to be there. it was amazing. the service, is unlike anything i have ever experienced. when you walk in the door, there is the same woman there every week, with this delightful french accent, just smiling at you with warmth illuminating around her. she makes you feel like you have been best friends for years and instantly recognizes you. (or me in this case) the food, is spectacular, crunchy french toast made from good bread. little side salads which pair perfectly with your breakfast selection. fresh fruit. amazingly decadent cappuccinos in large cups with froth that is like whipped cream. the atmosphere is delightful but rustic, with wine bottle adorning the walls and a kitchen as small as your own. every morning, here in maine, i long for this place. for the smells, for the feeling, for the food, which literally danced in my face. if you happen to find yourself visiting this little neighborhood, go here. sit, enjoy. bask in the moment. you will fall in love just as i did.