CREATOR & AUTHOR: Jenny Morrison

Wabi-sabi, is a comprehensive Japanese view that “imperfection” is beautiful and should be accepted. As women, we strive everyday to find the balance in our flaws. I am on the quest to accept the imperfections and mask them with a better adjective. The purpose of this blog is to provoke a new type of dialogue – one that rests on the shoulders of greatness rather than tearing down myself and others with meaningless banter. While there is much to be learned from one another – it is important to me that posts here are attainable. Simple recipes, advice that is easy to implement, wellness tips that are achievable and personal anecdotes that serve a purpose. Although I do have my own personal goals financially, academically, athletically and professionally – I will not share those unless it will serve others. There is no place for gloating here and I will work tirelessly to portray my life as realistically as possible.

While this is just a blog written by an average person living an average life – there is a responsibility that comes with posting internal conversations on the internet. It’s important that this blog not shame others into living a carefully orchestrated life but rather encourage readers to live their authentic experience – whatever that may be. Our lives come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important that we all encourage growth and change in a way that is sustainable while lifting one another up in a positive manner.

Embrace the wabi-sabi. It will bring with it wreck-less abandon – which we need more of in today’s society.