CREATOR & AUTHOR: Jenny Morrison

The theme of this blog: Wabi-sabi, a comprehensive Japanese view that “imperfection” is beautiful and should be accepted. As women, we strive everyday to find the balance in our flaws. I, myself, am on the quest to learn to accept the imperfections and mask them with a better adjective.

Passions: long distance running/racing, Manolo Blanik’s, running shoes, freshly baked scones on a Sunday morning, sifting through wine stores for the best bottle, Restoration Hardware (swoon), party invitations (cherish), gatherings of both small and large proportions, writing, reading, stacking up my cookbooks, using books as décor, interior design, loud music and of course, my two little ones who keep me constantly moving and forever entertained.

I will feature: food that is photographed beautifully and presented in a way that showcases it’s sexiness, recipes that aren’t snooty, ridiculous or terribly expensive to create but that are comprehensive, healthful (with the occasional splurge) and generally, kid friendly (although, my kids eat more than the usual goat), a diary of my daily training which, as most runners know, is a series up up’s and down’s, everything bees, uses for that golden nectar and the seasonal process they go through as well as advice on how to carve out gorgeous spaces in your home, on an average budget with the every once in a while, gotta have it, moment.

I am not: the end all, know all of life. I certainly will recommend things like cupcakes, I can not be held responsible for any adverse reactions to taking my advice and I advise that you do not take my thoughts too seriously.

I will: show you the beauty in things, hopefully get you to chuckle every once in a while, stir your creative side and of course, inspire when I have the gusto to do so.

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