new waves.

new waves.

Well world, school is done. I graduated December 23 after three relentless years of study. I have a BS in Interior Design (which basically felt like starting over considering the topic of my study) and as of last week; I officially applied to graduate school. My application is for the Fall 2018 semester so I can, thankfully, have a solid 8 months off. And while it will be challenging to do this all over again; I couldn’t be more excited to (hopefully) be part of the Boston Architectural College community. The last three years taught me that architecture has shaped every moment of my life and while I enjoy smaller projects; I want to think on a much larger scale. I want to use architecture and interior design to shape the way individuals age, pursue personal growth and connect with new members of the community. I felt a masters of design in human health would do just that; hence the program I applied to at the BAC. I also feel it will connect my previous pursuits with my current pursuits. It’s ideal to combine two loves, especially professionally.

The free time has been lovely. I’ve had time to get strep throat, bring every family member (including myself) to urgent care and the emergency room, enjoy the mad descent of the holidays and collectively fetch a stomach flu that wiped my household into oblivion. I’ve done no running, biking or swimming except for maybe a few sad workouts here and there. I gained ten pounds. And I have had zero social life due to the nature of my whole family puking/shitting/getting stitches/ultrasounds to critical parts of their bodies/antibiotics, etc. However, I have been doodling and thinking all about my passion project and I’m very excited at how things are shaping up.

The reason for the summer “launch” was really more to do with the content. I wanted to sit with things awhile before I unleashed the site to the world. As many of you know, my ideas are like a revolving door and each one is the next great thing. I want to be quiet with each idea; sift and needle through it before exposure. This has resulted in a well curated direction rather than a misdirection of missile fire (i.e. ill formed ideas). The foundation still applies but with a more refined approach.

Everyone knows about my heart condition but few people know that I struggle with one two other minor health issues. Both were discovered the year I ran the Boston Marathon and just absolutely pummeled my body into the ground. I paid no attention to nutrition or inflammation and as a result my body reacted poorly to any athletic pursuit. This still applies today. I get sick, like wretchedly sick, horribly fatigued, my hair falls out, I have terrible mood swings and I look pale/like death. While racing, I would bonk so hard that it would feel like I couldn’t run a step further and this eventually made its way into my triathlon training this past summer.

The trouble is, women’s bodies are so complex and those complexities relate so closely to food. Sugar and carbohydrates effect our endocrine system and when that system is off, our hormones are all over the place. Food helps to stabilize and regulate. However, too much of the wrong (and I don’t even like to use the word wrong here) kind of food can wreak havoc on a women’s body (anyone’s body!). Aside from hormones, when you are as anemic as I am (and trust me there are people far worse like my sister, who needs iron infusions), eating a diet rich in bread, dairy, starch and sugar can produce a messy situation. None of those items contain iron and easily deplete the body of their ability to properly perform. So, I am trying to (again no big declarations as a general rule) move towards a more plant based approach with limited dairy, carbs and sugar. Eating is a big part of all our lives. I thought this new project should be centered on that. How women eat, what we eat, when do we eat and what does it do as we grow and age? How does it effect our ability to be prosperous, happy and healthy creatures? This won’t be the only topic but I have decided it will be a major portion of the project. There are lots of resources on the internet but everything out there feels so tedious and complex. Once I see a $198 face cream or a recipe with 27 ingredients, I’m like, fuck that, I would rather just feel like shit. I think having a place where nothing feels overwhelming and everything feels accessible can help shift the tide. A place where it’s not just how, it’s why. I know that at 34, I want to know what to put on my skin, what to feed my body, how to workout and how to make my home a place of tranquility.

I think there is a better way. And I’m happy to be working on producing that – even in the chaos that has been my life the past month.

There’s lots of work to be done with creating an honest conversation. I’m hopeful that my journey over the next 6 months to find a better path in health, spirituality, life and love; will translate well in pictures and writing. As usual, any ideas, send them along!

Till the next post,


So fresh. Big things people, big things.

harvest on the harbor

As some of my readers may have noticed, “Put That In My Face” has in fact, undergone some recent changes. And these changes are things that I am quite excited about as it means a dozen or so new additions, a facelift of sorts and a new direction for a blog that I have really come to love. This morning, I was told that my most recent post, made the business owner, who it was about, emotional, and that it provided her with some validation. Nothing could make me happier than to hear what I am writing is actually reaching people. Especially when they are people who are contributing to a community I really enjoy living in. Feedback like this entices me to expand my thoughts and ideas so I am excited to announce some new things coming your way:

  • Recipes: The recipes section will be a drop down menu which will take you to several different pages. I am going to feature: appetizers, main dishes, breakfast and the sweet stuff, with a possibility for cocktails. This is going to take some time to really put together, so be patient. I need to gather all my recipes and even from there, it will be a constant work in progress. Since I am no longer baking professionally, I am putting all of my coveted recipes out there. Use them. Share them. Steal them. I don’t care. Just enjoy.
  • In the Garden: This area will be about growing how to’s, farm to table cooking and my personal grow list. As the grow season approaches, I will begin writing about how to get your garden together. Simple do’s and don’t’s with a forum to ask questions.
  • Training Plans: For runners that are starting out and others that are old pro’s. Currently, I just finished the first phase of this page but there will be more coming shortly. Advice on food, injuries, etc.
  • New Layout: There may be one more change in the look of this blog. I have yet to decide where I want to land.
  • A Facebook Page: Yes, that’s right, a Facebook page dedicated to all things I love, tidbits I want to share, just pure, put that in your faceness. Be sure to like it and to tell everyone you know all about it.
  • Focus: The focus will be simply running & training advice, gardening tutorials & cooking, recipes and products I love.

So keep coming by, tell your friends about what is happening here. Follow this blog and get ready for lots of wonderful tools to help you: homestead, run better and be a healthier version of yourself.

Thanks for all the support everyone!