The New Kitchen


*This is not a picture of a kitchen, but it certainly is a swoon worthy space.

Well, I think it may just about be official–we are moving. We had the inspection and contrary to my hopefulness, everything looks to be in good shape–so with only one more tiny negotiation to go, I think it’s safe to say, this is happening. I do like the house we chose, don’t get me wrong, it’s the anticipation of it all that is just hampering my happiness. It’s the unknowns and the change that is keeping me just a little bit down. No, I haven’t lived a lifetime in this home, but I am about to host my 5th Harvest Party here, which will also be my last. Memories, have been laid down here. A life–was built here. We brought Miles home from the hospital here and planted the seeds that would eventually become–our very prosperous life. The last day will be emotional and so for now, I am trying to focus on the one thing that truly makes me happy–my new kitchen.

This new house has a kitchen that some, might love, I happen to absolutely, 100%, fundamentally-hate it. I hate everything about it. But, I am lucky. I am married to a builder and we can fix/change anything. I am also extremely lucky to have my father-in-law, who can sketch up a kitchen in no time flat and happens to have the ingenuity of a genius so my crazy fanciful ideas can hopefully become a reality. There are many things to decide and so many designs to integrate but I do know that I am starting by ripping everything out: appliances-gone, cabinetry-see ya later, you so ugly, tile flooring–peace out, you’re even worse, lighting, update, update, update, it’s so tired. To start, I am going with an white on white approach. White cabinetry with a modern, shaker style door. I consider this to be timeless, it’s simple and will hang on style wise for many years to come. I will have crown molding at the top of the cabinetry and maybe one or two glass doors with nickel gap boards as a backsplash. For the countertops, I am choosing Carrera Marble, and I’m hoping to find a slab that has a little more grey in it. I’m going to choose a cast iron apron sink with a white finish and some sort of industrial looking faucet. For the range I am choosing a 36″ Bertazzoni range which looks absolutely stunning, a hood to match the range, most likely a Bosch dishwasher in stainless steel (as I happen to LOVE mine) and the fridge is still up for debate. I love the idea of a restaurant style fridge with a glass door, Josh happens to think I’m crazy. At some point I will figure out how to win that argument.

I have ordered my 120″ farmhouse table with an antiqued pine finish and zinc strapping from Restoration Hardware, I have yet to decide on the chairs as of yet but that will come soon. I’m thinking two fancy chairs for each end of the table and 4 more casual chairs for each side. For lighting I am keeping it classic with just a hint of modern. I need to order new track lighting, a new chandelier for the dining room and the library as well as two sconces for the dining area. Paint colors are going to be the most fun part. I’m thinking something a little crazy like a dark charcoal for the kitchen to offset all the white and something a little softer for the living/library spaces.

We also have a gorgeous sun room which we have yet to decide what to do with. My father-in-law suggested French doors to close it off as necessary and I happen to think that is a wonderful idea.

I want this house to be outfit for entertaining. I want lavish and intimate dinner parties. Although, we may be on a Ramen budget after all is said and done but I’ll figure that out. None the less, I see people here–and that is what is keeping me excited. Also, I love the idea of being able to design my own space. The house we live in currently was a place I really had no say in and although I now love it to pieces, I didn’t use to. I’m excited to put my own style, my own flare, into our new home. One of the only major design obstacles is the amount of windows, which I know is not the worst problem to have. Part of me wants to leave some of the windows naked and use a bold white for the trim to dress it up. There are times when I think minimalistic can be really fantastic. Do I dare try that here?

We close August 15th and in the weeks following it will be renovations and choices. After the dust clears and the place is cleaned, we will move in and settle down. We will watch the kids play and make meals. We will hopefully watch the bees flourish in their new environment. I’m hopeful, even with the hesitation to move–that this becomes quickly, the right choice. I would love to know that we chose a place that we can thrive in and of course, continue to make beautiful.

One thought on “The New Kitchen

  1. I know when the kitchen is done and you make your first real meal, all your qualms will disappear. You have a lovely spot and will never have to wait for lines of traffic before you can leave your driveway. Plus there will be new and great running routes. Cheers to your new digs. Enjoy fitting out that kitchen.

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