Point Lookout Weekend Running Retreat in Maine

Recently, Kara Goucher, possibly my favorite athlete, decided to host a pimp ass running retreat in California that just looked amazing. I would have LOVED to go, however, the new budget conscience Jenny had to fight that urge considering it was $1,000 to attend (not counting airfare). But who needs to pay tons of money for a running retreat when I have so many runner friend resources that I can tap into and carve out my own little gals weekend where running and nutrition take center stage? And, being the loser that I am, once I found out folks were on board, I literally started to plan the entire menu and agenda. I am incredibly lucky to know more than a dozen women who are phenomenal runners and who are just a vast wealth of knowledge. I’m hoping that we can all bring something to the table that will enrich our love of running and of course, nurture the soul. Obviously, this itinerary needs a lot of tweaking, working, suggestion and input but I am confident that with the help of all my ladies, we will put together a truly memorable weekend. Also, I am THRILLED to be cooking for such an incredible group of people.

Weekend Destination: A three bedroom cabin at Point Lookout Resort in Northport, Maine (right next to Camden) that boasts a variety of amazing trails/running locations. Including some very daunting hills that could possibly crush my soul but no doubt, strengthen my legs. The ocean is within view and the area has a pleather of activities to keep us busy when we are not running/eating.

Loose Agenda & Menu

Friday (arrive between 12-2, obviously this is flexible for those who are working)

Moderate distance run (workouts to be determined) 5-8 miles

Dinner: Chicken or Steak Tacos served on your choice of platform (corn or whole wheat tortillas, or go without) with housemade salsa-verde, a variety of fresh accompaniments (red belle peppers, radishes, cilantro, scallions, etc.) served with lime infused quinoa.

Juice Option: Tomato, cucumber, carrot, red belle pepper & apple juice with a squeeze of lime.


Pre long run fuel: Housemade oatmeal toast with your choice of topping (almond butter, peanut butter, additional options to be added) Fresh fruit will also be available. Picky Bars will also be available as well as any long run fuel you may want to take with you.

AM Run: Long run of 8-20 miles (for those that are fall marathon training)

30 minutes of strength training available or 30 minutes of yoga

Breakfast: Housemade granola with lots of healthy protein to restore & rejuvenate, served with 2% milk or plain yogurt. Seasonal fruit salad will also be served.

Juice Option: Green Goddess (parsley, kale, apple, pear, lemon, lime & spinach)

Afternoon activity options: Kayaking, Swimming or Yoga for those that missed the morning session and would like to take part.

Lunch: Hearty salad served with lemon pepper chicken breasts and housemade salad dressing. Served with mint scented pineapple.

Snacks will be available throughout the day: Juice, Housemade Granola Bars, Fruit, Core Bars, Nuts, Etc.

Evening Shakeout Run: 3-4 miles for those who wish to take part, easy pace

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta, sautéed chicken breast & asparagus served with a light dusting of olive oil, parmesan cheese & garlic, finished off with wilted spinach. A hearty garden salad will also be served alongside the meal with housemade salad dressing.

Dessert: Macrobiotic cookies with seasonal jam

Sunday (Checkout time: 10 AM)

AM Run: 4-8 miles easy, recovery run

30 minutes of stretching & yoga

Breakfast: Farm fresh egg omelets to order (egg whites will also be an option) with filling options to be selected. Served with seasonal fruit salad & housemade whole wheat toast.

Juice Option: Carrot, Strawberry, Beet, Ginger & Lime

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