The Last Post

It’s been a grand coupe of weeks, to say the least. And, as Spring finally appears here in Maine, many good things have unfolded in my life. I feel like I have finally let it all out. Breathe. Release. After running the Boston Marathon, I was, relieved to have the experience behind me, however, due to my performance, or lack there of, I found myself needing redemption. I signed up for the Maine Coast Marathon on a whim, after obtaining a bib through a participant who could no long use it and completed that marathon Sunday 43 minutes faster than Boston. This marathon had it’s tough parts too, it being 74 degrees out and all, but there was more good than bad. The good: all the friendly faces along the way (Alan, Meg, Cynthia & Dave), the lack of spectators which eased the pressure a bit and the beautiful landscape which surrounded me. Also, the experience of running Allison’s first marathon with her, for at least half of it. And of course, the fun car ride to the race with Betsy, Monica, Allison & David. (Jim missed the boat due to a series of unfortunate instances) The bad was just heat and sweat and of course, the 26.2 miles you have to run to get to the finish. But I was proud at the end. Really proud. Proud of Allison, who absolutely killed it and proud of myself, for coming back 3 weeks later for a do over.

I had a lot of time to think over the course. I thought about running. I thought about this blog. I thought about the person I thought I would be at 30 years of age. And although I love my life, I’m not at my personal finish line yet. I have lofty goals that I have shelved for some time. I think right about now, it’s time to get to them. In order to do that, I need to streamline my life a bit. Focus on one project instead of seven. Since running takes up so much of my schedule, I need to have that and one other singular item I am giving my attention to. Therefore, I will be shelving this blog permanently so that I may tend to my other creative outlet. I will be deleting this blog as of this afternoon and will be working on my other project, exclusively from this point forward. Eventually, I will show the world but for awhile, till I get some work done, it will be private.

Thank you all for always reading and your continued support.

xoxo, Jenny

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