Move over Nike: Oiselle is coming in fierce.

*photo courtesy of Oiselle

There has been an apparel hole in my heart for quite a minute now. I gravitated away from my love of Nike as I progressed deeper and deeper into my training. There were just too many incidents with the clothing and shoes to dismiss. Literally, my favorite Pegasus shoes went through re-design after re-design, resulting in a shoe that killed my shins. The pants drag down my butt while running, causing me to look like I’m reaching into my butt on virtually every run. I mean, I look like I’m digging for gold back there. Hold on guys, just grabbin’ a snack, which I store in my butt.  And then there was the unfortunate incident in which I ran a 10K in pants that were completely see thru, broadcasting my pink polka dot undies for everyone to see, including Patrick Dempsey. I didn’t even know this was the case until a friend of mine put the picture on Facebook and I was like: woooooaaaahhhhh, there it is, my bum, in all its glory. At some point, you just have to say, enough is enough. I tried Lululemon and they’re great but I need to take out a bank loan to purchase the things I need on a regular basis. And part of that brand feels very exclusive, which I don’t love. Athleta is nice but again, I don’t have endless cash on hand here and I feel like that stuffs for girls that are ripped body goddesses. Which I, am not. So a few weeks ago, I decided to give Oiselle a go, before even knowing that my favorite athlete, Kara Goucher, was about to jump on their brand. My first click on their website made me immediately excited, the aesthetic is very chic, with a dash of fresh and a bunch of humble. I felt very encouraged by everything I read. Their prices aren’t cheap but they are better than a lot of the brands out there. I also love that they seem to support a wide range of athletes, encouraging everyone to find their inner “lion.”

I ordered a lot of stuff. A sports bra, a pair of thermal running pants, 2 sweatshirts, 1 long sleeve t-shirt, and one technical running shirt. There may have been something else but I can’t remember. I chose express shipping because I wanted those pants before my 17 mile run. And when that package came, I tore into it like it like an animal. Anyone watching me would have thought I was having a seizure. Everything was so nicely packaged and looked SO pretty. The fit was borderline perfect. Each piece felt made for me. Which never happens. Cuz, you know, I’m a big girl. The pants survived a 17 mile, coldish morning run. They didn’t slide, move an inch or feel anything but wonderful. The sweatshirts were both lined with a lovely fleece material which made them perfect for post running warm-up. The bra kept everything in place, made me feel like a supermodel and didn’t chafe a single part of me. I really love the approach that one should look as fabulous in their running attire as they do when out and about in a social setting. This clothing reflects a lady with style but still looks athletic. The technical shirt I purchased is wildly comfortable and looks great with a pair of leggings for when I just want to be comfortable.

I think as we get older, dive into different parts of our training, etc, our needs change. I have donated a large portion of my Nike pieces to Goodwill to make room in my closet for this company. I am in love with them. When I found out Mrs. Kara Goucher signed with them last night, I was even more in love with them. She’s an amazing woman. This brand is a perfect representation of her.

All my athlete ladies out there, take a gander, you will love this company and all their apparel.

4 thoughts on “Move over Nike: Oiselle is coming in fierce.

    1. Thank you so much! You’re an ambassador!?! WOW! I can only dream! That’s wonderful. 🙂 This brand makes you feel powerful, that’s something that’s hard to find.

  1. I’ve got huge brand loyalty to Under Armour, but I’d love to try Oiselle. The problem is size: do you think Oiselle runs “normal” sized? Because I hate buying things & having to mail them back. I’m lazy like that. 😉

    1. I love Under Armour as well! As far as Oiselle goes, I’m no small runner lady, I’m a size 10 on a good day and I have wide hips, I couldn’t believe how well their clothing fit. It was perfect. I’m very pleased to see an athletic company consider all sizes when creating their clothing. No doubt, you won’t have to mail it back.

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