The Snowy 7


Here’s the truth: if no one is waiting for me, I won’t roll my tired, lazy, horrid ass out of bed. Do you know what I would do? I would hit the snooze, throw my phone on the ground and just forget about my pledge to run in the weeeeee hours of the morning. I won’t run in the dark alone because I’ve decided there is a man on Hall Road that would chop me into tiny pieces and throw me into his dumpster. (I’ve been told by numerous people that this gentleman actually works for the appliance store just around the corner and that it is their dumpster and he’s totally legit: but I’m still highly skeptical) Too many seasons of Law & Order, I know all about that drill. I won’t run in the cold by myself because, well, I’m a freagin’ wimp and I’m super great at talking myself out of anything. And ever since being screamed at by my coach at dawn years back, I’ve never felt super enthusiastic about getting up early. (Let’s be real though, that super mean coach got shit done, I HATED running before him and he was remarkably unimpressed by most of my sarcasm which meant he was always riding my ass)

So winter is tough for me, no doubt. I would rather crawl up on the coach and house a bag of Dorritos while watching like, the Shah’s of Sunset. (Great show, right????) When I found out about Boston, the first thing I thought of was cold, dark, snowy days. And because of my toe, I managed to avoid a lot of the really bad stuff but now that I’m moving forward, it’s time to get outdoors and get it done. Every Wednesday, I am to do a 7 mile run (it gradually builds to 8, then 9, etc.). On Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s 4 miles (which builds to 5, then 6). I can handle the shorter ones but that run on Wednesday is tough: Emma gets home from school early and Miles doesn’t go to school on this particular day. So when my dear friend Alan suggested a super early morning run on Wednesday two weeks ago, I was more than excited and I’ve also decided (whether he knows it or not) that this will be occurring until the marathon. Getting it done early means I don’t have to wrestle with the kids or bang it out on the treadmill and not going it alone means it always gets done. This morning, there would have been a ZILLION reasons to back out. Snow was coming. It was cold. It was dark. It was horrible. But I knew Alan, Jan and Allison were all waiting for me in Gray, so I set my alarm to 4:50 AM and went to bed at 9 PM (Josh, my husband, thinks this is just spectacular, you know that thing called romance, yea, it’s gone, the Boston Marathon has stifled it a bit) ((But that’s okay, it will come back once I’ve fulfilled my life’s dream come April))

The snow started right at the start of our run, 5:30 AM, and it was mixed with a tad bit of rain so it was like, pelting me in the face. Along with the wind, I couldn’t really see in front of me. At one point I knew there was a hill, a bad one, but I couldn’t see it, I could only feel it, which is horrible. BUT, that’s okay because with the negative’s come the positives and we were laughing most of the way, chatting sporadically about various things. The distractions are wonderful and greatly appreciated. At the 3.5 mile turnaround, we all touched the special mailbox and rode the glory of freshly laid snow for the last 3.5 miles. With the light coming slowly, the beauty really started to shine. Our landscape was so pure. The white was so clean. I couldn’t help but think, these are special moments, and thank goodness, I don’t have to experience them alone. I have three people here with me who love these moments as much as I do and that’s a beautiful thing. By 6:50 this morning, we had packed in 7 miles, saw the beginning burst of the storm and were on our way home to our warm spaces.

It would have been a near perfect morning if it hadn’t been for my near death experience in my driveway, in which I slipped, fell, landed with my elbow and spilled coffee all over myself. But you know what they say, you can’t have it all.

Anyways, I’m thankful today that I have the support. I know we all want to run, have to run, enjoy running but the fact that others will get up so early and join me on the roads is just amazing. I feel like we have assembled a little team, which is a nice mid-week surprise, helps me get to Saturday, where there happens to be a much larger group of runners ready to put in the miles.

Because let’s be honest, that bag of Dorritos looks less tempting when you’ve put in the early morning work.


4 thoughts on “The Snowy 7

  1. With gobs of ice on my eyelashes and the wind in our faces on the trip out, I had moments where I just wanted to stop and say “come get me after you’re done I’ve had it.” But there was you and Miss Allison who had dragged your butts out of nice cozy beds to do this run. It was all mental because I was really not feeling bad at all except for absolutely zero visibility. Today the heart beat out the head because of you two. You are great motivators for me. Thanks for this morning.

    1. AW JAN! So glad I could keep you moving just like you keep me moving. 🙂 I’m making you do it next week! Stay positive! I’m here if you need anything!

    1. ha ha ha ha ha Paul, I think about it every week, but, then I forget to come! I’ve been getting up super early to do all my runs….marathon training has proved to be no joke. Since I have a “pull back” week next week and a long run of only 13 miles, I will make the commitment to come in Tuesday and see your lovely face. 🙂

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