Baking Soda: You saucy devil

stackedI’ve been trying to calm myself after what felt like a really emotional and stressful weekend. My skin is usually the first thing to flare up in times of despair. A combination of stress, holding my face in my hands, tears, winter in general can lead to a lot of build up in the pores. But honestly, I’m sick of paying for miracle products that don’t really do shit. So, I found a few gems on the internet which explain how to use baking soda as a way to exfoliate your skin. No kidding, I thought, I have a HUGE bag of that under my sink. However, who really wants to smear baking soda all over their face? Gross. No one. Therefore, I thought taking it up a notch might not be such a bad idea. Here are some of the combinations I used:

Baking soda, lemon juice + water (to help with red areas)
Baking soda, coarse sea salt + olive oil and of course, water to make it more pliable (for extra moisturizing)
Baking soda, coarse sea salt, coconut oil + dried lavender (to calm a hurt soul) & of course, water
The possibilities are endless! Oh and jar this stuff up, give it out to friends as gifts! Make a beautiful assortment for yourself.

The trick is to make the mixture without water, whatever oil you’re using (or lemon juice), use just enough to make a paste with the dry ingredients. Then add water a little at a time so it becomes more liquid and easy to spread over your face. Just don’t add too much water or you will take out the exfoliation factor. Massaging it into your face with a circular motion really is the key. Take your time doing this, enjoy the process, spend additional time on problem areas. If you have added coarse sea salt, be gentle, that stuff can really rough up your skin. Mine was a little tender after using sea salt in the mixtures but it worked magic for removing dead skin and blackheads. For a mini facial factor, after rinsing completely, take a face cloth and stick it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and then apply to your face. Make sure to use good moisturizer after your skin is all dried off.

Right now, I’m having trouble feeling pretty. I feel like I’m in running gear all the time and although I am SO grateful for the opportunity to run Boston, I’m also really tired. This morning I woke up for 6 AM yoga and now I have 4 miles in front of me, only to know that I have 7 miles ahead of me at 5:45 tomorrow morning. I swear, if it wasn’t for the wonderful company, I would completely wimp out. Thank goodness for my friends, who won’t let me quit on myself, even when I really want to. There are only 4, just 4 real runs on my training plan that I’m dreading. 14, 15, I can get my head around, it’s the 17, 18, 19 & 20 I’m struggling with. But again, it’s only 4. I can do 4 of anything.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep finding new ways to improve my skin care routine.

Thanks to all by the way for reaching out about Linus. I appreciate the love. xoxo.

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