Hail Merry: You are the best.

Hail_Merry_6-thumb-620x475-48561I’m a sucker for the sweet things in life. If someone were to wave a chocolate cupcake in my face and then perhaps, threaten to take it away, I would chase them down like a dog and beat the crap out of them until they forked it over. The sugar monster makes me do precarious things. In my quest to be a better person (not threatening to kill people over sugar) and be a healthier runner, I am trying like hell to omit sugar from my diet. I have had some slips. No doubt. Sometimes, I just can’t contain myself. But it’s time to stop dicking around and be a more productive person: both in running and in life. I’ll be honest, the second anything with sugar or dairy slips down my throat, I immediately regret it. Both make me feel insanely sick. This is a new aberration, as prior to running such high mileage, my stomach was like a fortress. It forgave anything I put in there (my ass didn’t though, that’s for sure). My weakness was once a chocolate dipped waffle cone with like 7 scoops of ice cream. Yuck. Anyways, discovering better ways to eat always makes me happy. And, when I discover something that is raw, vegan & gluten free, but doesn’t taste like poop, I am in pure heaven. These aren’t cheap, I will admit that. But as I have said a million times, eating healthy is an investment. I do promise, however, that once you take that first bite, you won’t care. You just, won’t care. It’s magical to me that coconut oil, almond meal, maple syrup and other such healthy ingredients can product desserts that taste this decadent. Oh my goodness. Swoon. Cherish. Yum. You can find these gems at Whole Foods, in the organic section of Hannaford & online at: www.hailmerry.com


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