Nibble Breaks

Nibble breaks, do you know what these are? Not nipple breaks, I mean, let’s just be clear here. This isn’t about feeling any sort of person up. Although, I will admit, when people here the name of this blog, their minds sometimes go elsewhere. But “Put That In My Face” is not a sexual thing, as most (I think) of you know. It’s about indulging in life’s specialties, when one sees fit. A nibble break is a quiet moment in my life when I can just sit with an espresso, a plate of Italian cookies and talk with my husband. This doesn’t seem to happen too much with friends. In the summer, it means setting up a table in front of the garden, cutting up some good cheese, salami, grabbing some olives and pouring some wine so that we can just, eat & drink. Enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy one another. Whatever.

Running has without a doubt, cut into my nibble breaks. But is it just running? Have I piled my plate a little bit too full? I barely take phone calls from people, not because I don’t like them or don’t want to talk to them but because if I have a moment of solace, I kind of don’t want to disrupt that. (I realize this sounds terrible). I used to do a great many things and I was profoundly good at all of them. As of late, I seem to be under performing in multiple areas due to being stretched too thin. If I were to designate percentage of effort in a lovely pie chart, it might look a bit off-putting. This was evidently clear a couple of weeks ago, when in crafting batch #1 of Parisian macarons, I cracked all of them. That, never, happens.

I had resolved to not make any resolutions for the New Year but I suppose, that dream is shot. I mean, yes, we are already seven days in, this could be considered cheating but it has to be done. I am a deadline queen. If there aren’t immediate tasks at hand, clearly defined, I won’t do anything. So here they are, my resolutions for 2014.

1) Reserve more time for nibble breaks. They are grand and wonderful and it’s a tradition that shouldn’t be broken. Make time to just sit and enjoy life as it’s happening. Talk to Josh. Laugh at the kids. Don’t fret about the calories in that cookie, just eat it for goodness sake.

2) Use less curse words. Yes, you heard it first. I am making a genuine effort to stop using the “f” word so much. I’m 30 now, it’s probably time to cut the shit. (DAMN IT, ugh, this may be harder than I imagined.)

3) Find a way to be patient. With people. With my kids. With Josh. Sometimes my brain moves so fast I really and truly can’t understand why those around me do not keep up, here’s to slowing it down to normal people speed.

4) Quiet the judgement. Not everyone has to be like me.

5) Love myself. I need to realize that I have worked hard for the body I have and the life that I’ve been given. Stop picking out all the flaws all the time.

6) Drop 10 more lbs. But like, effortlessly. No dieting. Just revising.

7) Follow the marathon training schedule. No making excuses like: “Well, Dominos Pizza really only has this deal once a week, it’s two-for-one. Way better than going for a run.”

8) Run the Boston Marathon uninjured, mentally spirited and genuinely happy.

9) Love my husband better, he is after all, the guy I nabbed as my soul mate. Sure, he doesn’t believe in cleaning bathrooms but really, what guy does?

10) Be grateful. For each day. As truly, it may be my last. One never know when it stops.

I hope that you all consider making a checklist of items that are both small and large. Remember, of course, to include nibble breaks.

Not nipple breaks. 😉

xoxo, Jenny

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