Chinese Chicken & Broccoli: Good for the body & the taste buds.

Chinese-Chicken-Broccoli-2-NEW*Photo Courtesy of “A Teaspoon of Happiness” (It was too dark in my house to shoot my own photography)

My husband and I are really and truly done with eating out. Holiday madness, fattening meals, meals-on-the-go & meals prepared by people who are not aware of their bodies, have been way too frequent. I mean, we have two children, things this time of year get messy. But cooking at home can also get boring when you circulate the same healthy recipes over and over again. I utilize the internet a lot when I want to spice things up. Or when I need a new healthy option. Secretly, we both really love Chinese Food (correction, we love the taste while eating, hate the way we feel after), but it’s painfully obvious that Chinese Food does not love us, as we both jiggle for a week after eating it. Anyways, this recipe is super simple, nothing fancy but it was really easy to whip up and quite tasty. We both gobbled it up and found that it was the perfect portion for a family of four. (Two small children might actually equal half a person but they both seemed to love this). I made some changes to her recipe, omitted the white rice, added brown, took out the sugar completely. I left the flour because honestly, who cares, it’s so little. The sauce was thick, the broccoli was cooked perfectly, the chicken’s texture was great: it was a meal I could come to rely on, especially when I feel tempted to order out. Click here to get the full recipe & remember, get rid of the sugar, whip up some brown rice, if you feel compelled, cut the flour in half but again, it’s so minimal and there you have it, a healthful meal that doesn’t feel like a sacrifice. Oh & if you felt compelled, you could probably switch out the type of oil but remember, it has to be relatively tasteless as to not over power the other flavors

The next few weeks will be really busy for me and I may not always have time to blog in detail the things I am cooking, however, I will feature more posts like this, that give you the recipe and my opinion of the meal so that you can still gather some fresh ideas. I also will be making an oath to really keep things healthful: low sugar, good for you carbs, low sodium, etc. It’s the New Year and we have shit to do people. Let’s get healthier together! My first and foremost focus: baked goods that are better for you, ways to renovate my existing recipes.

Have a great night everyone! Tomorrow is Sunday, my favorite day of the week!

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