Perfect Saturday.

new 3Today has been perfect. I finally got back on the running horse, which I have missed something terrible. Four blissful miles, on the treadmill (it was -14 degrees outside so that was a no to outdoor running), which couldn’t have been better, as my running partner was there with me, at the YMCA. After our run indoors together, we scurried off to a lovely brunch at a fellow Roaster’s house (our running group). There was a delicious assortment of food, wonderful company and just a fantastic vibe overall. The conversations are always filled with humor, inspiring thoughts and of course, ways to get your husbands to roll their eyeballs at you multiple times in one sitting. It seems Allison and I already have most of 2014 mapped out. I haven’t really told my husband about all of my plans as of yet but I’m sure he knows it’s coming. The change in me the past year has been obvious and I think, for the most part, he’s glad for it. As a spectator, I realize that this can be difficult to understand or relate to. Today he asked me what’s been going on in Allison’s life and I responded with her training schedule. He was like: “No, in just her normal life.” Whoops. So, I have legit been trying to support his new endeavors, he’s really into woodworking right now, carving out time for him to do that is just as important as my time to run. There is give and there is take, I’m learning this process along with him, we both need to be selfish but with kids, it has to be somewhat scheduled. With the toe feeling better, I am anxious to throw myself into Boston training and get those long runs on the books. I’ve chosen races in Florida & Colorado to break up the training and make it adventurous and overall, I’m really looking forward to everything it entails. The advice I have been given by all has been really comforting and helpful, today, for instance, I was told to go and just be a “tourist”. Meaning, don’t put too much pressure on myself, remember to relax and of course, enjoy.

new 1

As of right now, I am sipping on espresso, about to enjoy some strawberries and ice water with a nice wedge of lemon in it. Yes, this morning was only 4 miles but it awoke the beast, who has been stifled for over two weeks. I’m feeling like myself and I’m grateful for that.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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