Christmas Season and your Chef

This season isn’t only busy for the retail or warehouse worker, but for the food service too. Companies book their Christmas parties, business men treat their best clients for dinner, spouses are too exhausted to cook, and the list goes on. Servers will have to work harder for the extra tables or shifts to accommodate the volume of guests. Cooks will receive 40 hours each week for the month of December, if not a little bit of overtime (its common for cooks to work an average of 35 hours per week the rest of the year). The kitchen managers will work 6 days a week, with 12-18 hour days. There will be limited bathroom or water breaks to prepare for service. Heads are down, knives are moving, and energy drinks are being chugged. Every night is going to be a busy night!

Be patient with your chef friend or family member during this season. They have limited time to shop for gifts and set-up decorations. No, they can’t attend your Christmas party that’s held on a Saturday. There’s not only a full house at the restaurant, but all the private dining rooms are filled to maximum capacity too. Most of all, do not request (or expect) a spectacular dish from them for your holiday dinner. They are exhausted and probably in a poor mood.


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