Get in my belly.


So, it’s reset time. Thanksgiving is creeping in the corners, about to emerge next week. Last year, Cooking Light did a recap of all the calories you take in just by tasting your food while preparing it. The number was high, really high. And, as the host, it blows my mind that I may consume a whole day’s worth of calories while making sure my food doesn’t taste like shit. Now, I already have myself set up for success: Turkey Trot 5K in the AM with a possible light spin class directly after. But I want to just ensure that going in, I have focus. I heard a phrase recently that really resonated with me: “Respect yourself as an athlete”. Am I an athlete? I had to think about this for a minute. But then I decided: Yea, damn it, I am. I run 30+ miles a week and I go into every race with a fierce attitude. I am an athlete. I need to respect my body as such. I don’t run as well when I can feel a package of Oreo’s in my belly. So I am leaning on Pressed Juicery to help a sister out. On Thursday, I will have in hand, at my doorstep, a three day cleanse, built for novice juice cleansing folks & athletes. Because of my weekly mileage, I am going to add food to this cleanse. I can’t do 9 miles in a row on nothing but juice. I’ll stroke out. I am, however, going to keep it strictly to what comes out of the ground. And I am going to try and keep it raw. Difficult you say? Yucky, you say? NAHHHHH. A well made salad can make any girls heart skip a beat. I am actually really looking forward to this.

For more information on Pressed Juicery’s cleansing options, take a meander on to their site. They have three different cleansing options or you can customize one yourself. They also have a monthly delivery service you can subscribe to as well as a vast array of tasty choices.

Happy eating everyone!

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