Eat it.

The holidays are coming. And they are coming fast. That’s right. I said it. Get ready. Aside from the purging hopelessly of all earned money, things like anxious and social eating come right along with the territory. So, it’s time to stock your cabinets with some better options. Last year, I started dipping my fingers into the whole “juice movement” and although I don’t always have time to make fresh juice, I always slurp one of the above options down at my local market. If I’m at Whole Foods, I can have them make it fresh but sometimes, I can’t venture in there, for I fear I may spend every last dollar I have. Anyways, the cereal above will fill you up in the morning, it pairs great with almond milk, coconut milk or the traditional stuff. The coconut water is a great post workout beverage and the chocolate covered goji berries will save you from eating ten thousand Hershey kisses. Oh, and those lovely sweet potato “sticks”, they save you from the crunch monster. SO GOOD!

All of these items can be found at your local Whole Foods or natural foods market. Don’t have one of those? Go ahead and order them online. Either way, gear up for a healthy and productive holiday season. After all, we have to stay beautiful for all these social gatherings, right?????

(If you need specific product information, shoot me an e-mail)

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