Winter Motivation: Getting my feet wet with a weekend marathon.

We all know what happens during winter. The cold weather rolls into place. The sky gets dark. The snow begins to fall. And, if you live in Maine, as I do, the months of cold seem terribly endless and depressing. Last winter, I did really well, running solo throughout the entire season. I leaned on the treadmill for the worst days, sometimes banging out 9 mile runs on that thing, just to keep my mileage up. I came into Spring this year, strong, strong enough, but this year, I want to bang into Spring with a fearless mentality and the body to match. So, I signed up for a December Half Marathon, a January “Individual Marathon” (more on this later) and I entered the lottery for the Nike Women’s Half in April. I figure between all of these races, there is no way I will fall off the wagon and stuff myself with endless amounts of cookies. The “Individual Marathon” is in St. Petersburg, Florida (also a great way to ditch the cold for a weekend). I heard about it through my running friend Amy, who seems to have her pulse on all the cool running places to be. I convinced (somehow) my training buddy to do it with me. Therefore, I won’t be on this crazy train alone. The race is a two day affair: Saturday, 5K, 10K & 3.8 mile beach fun run, Sunday, half marathon, all to equal 26.2 miles. I figure, if 2014 is my year to run a marathon, this is a great way to get my feet wet.

Enclosed here is a link to my training plan (ST PETE CLASSIC), it’s got a great mix of high mileage, two a days, yoga and of course, rest. You are all welcome to use it or just give it a gander, mumble something like: “This bitch is crazy” and then close it immediately.

Hope everyone is having a healthful and happy Monday! Happy running!

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