The 2014 “Hitting the Pavement” Schedule

So this morning I hated running, not sure why, I just wasn’t really in the mood for 10 miles, actually it was like 10.4, in the cold, with wind. And sure, it brightened up, warmed up and turned out to be a really nice day but my legs hurt and I was not in the spirit to be moving for that time period. Lucky for me, all I have to do now is ask for help and I almost immediately get it. The Roasters, a running group I joined based out of Yarmouth, happens to be an incredible group of runners who never leaves a man behind. I posted my lack of motivation on Facebook and I had three people at my house this morning, ready to amp me up for those 10 miles. And yesterday, fresh off their high of just completing the Marine Corps Marathon, I had two people ready to tell me why I need to run a marathon. They were convincing, very convincing and when you look at these incredible people, who just did this amazing thing, and all they can think is to ask more people to join them, how could you not want to? How could one resist? I can’t say that my first marathon will be pretty. It’s probably going to be really messy. I might shit my pants or throw up. Or just fall to the ground in pain. But I know that during the training process I will be surrounded by incredible people: Allison, Alan, Kristin, Dave, Jan, Kate, I mean, the list just goes on and on. People who will tell me I can do it, lift my spirits when I am down and out, run with me, run near me, run behind and in front of me, run even when they don’t have to. I know they will help me get there. And when I cross that finish line, at whatever time (hopefully no longer than 4:30), I know it will be a beautiful thing. Even on bad days, this community makes me proud and excited to be a runner. So excited, that I have already started to outline my 2014 racing calendar. I did this for 2013 and it worked out great, 20+ races on the books. Can’t beat that. 🙂

February 2 (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
Winter Classic 10 Miler

B.A.A. Distance Medley (Boston, MA) (I’m hoping I can squeeze this in)
5K, 10K & Half Marathon (April, June & October)

April 12 (Washington D.C. area)
Marine Corps 17.75K Run (provides gaurenteed entry in the 39th Marine Corps Marathon)

April 27 (Washington D.C.)
Nike Women’s Half Marathon (Lottery or thru charity)

May 25 (Boston, MA)
Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon

October 26 (Washington D.C.)
Marine Corps Marathon

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