From Far Away


Tuesday mornings are almost as bad as Monday mornings for me. Why, I don’t know. I didn’t run yesterday but I did eat half a box of processed cheese crackers with like two glasses of white wine so that always sets me up to feel great. Tuesday is my overwhelm day, it’s the day when I realize I have like 30 miles to run in a week, two half marathons I promised myself I would run after just completing one on 10/13 (1 a month until the end of the year), two kids to deal with, no food in the house that is truly edible and work up to my eyeballs (that I am not doing because I am writing this). But this morning, after the lady at the coffee shop fucked up my coffee and my child had a series of melt downs and I was running remarkably late, I arrived at work to find an envelope from far far away. At first I had no idea what it was but upon further inspection, I realized it was from my friend Caitlin, who recently relocated to Australia, who sends me the very best cards, ever. But this one, may have taken the cake, it being more beautifully written than the last. Maybe it’s a private thing, maybe I shouldn’t post it for the whole world to see but I don’t care, this one is too good, it’s too perfect, someone else needs to see it.


I know (only because you’ve told me) how significant each birthday is–it’s more than a birthday, it’s you beating the odds. You proving, yet again, that you are more than a statistic and will always be far from “average”. You bring this to everything you do though–friend, mother, daughter, wife, runner, advocate, academic, chef, baker, you are great and you will always have greatness about you. I imagine you might feel too big for this world, and quite frankly, you are–none are equal to the magnitude you are as a human. The incredible thing (or should I say another incredible thing) is your humility + appetite to learn and grow. I have loved what we have created so far + I love what’s next even though I have no idea what that is. I love you. That being said, kick some ass, drink some shit and then tell me, or Josh, how fucking stupid people can be. Then fall in love with your life again and tell me about that too. And then, when the universe makes a fool out of you, we can swap stories because the last few weeks have kicked my ego + my ass. I’m an egoless + assless American, lost in an English speaking country getting swooped by psycho magpies + wondering why cotton candy is called “fairy floss” And I’m celebrating you today. Thanks for empowering me in both foolishness + fabulousness. You’re a phenomenal woman and friend. So again, happy fucking birthday! -Caitlin

Some days I feel like no one gets me. Some days I feel under appreciated and over used. I’m sure that is true for every person in this world. But after my 1st (yes there is another one coming) birthday dinner on Saturday, where I was literally surrounded by wonderful people I love, who love me back, and then this card, I am feeling like a very special person. Even on a Tuesday.

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