Get Naked & Love It.

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Photos above:
Me @ the Fit at 5K, June 2012
Me @ the Beach to Beacon, August 2013

I have always been seriously insecure about being naked. That’s right, I’m throwing it out there for the world to hear. I don’t like, to be, naked. Bikini’s: no, don’t wanna wear that shit. Short Shorts: Don’t own any, I’m too worried that the back of my legs look like cottage cheese. Turtle necks in the summer: now, we are speaking my language. Insecurity runs deep in my veins. I think I was just born with like a tunic on and never wanted to leave home without it. And, after giving birth to two children, I was horrified at what my body was turning into.

Until running and I reunited that is…..

In my early years I was a running badass. I mean, I could really haul ass. People were jealous because I was better. And if I wasn’t better, I’d kill myself to try to prove otherwise. I was mentally tough. If I wanted it, I’d go get it. After my second child, my mental toughness turned into mental pudding. A sort of, left out in the sun too long pudding to boot. The first time I went for a run, I made it .25 miles and thought immediately: “Nope, don’t think I wanna do this anymore.”

However, in the past year, my mental stamina has slowly increased and the old me, that runner who could do anything, is creeping her way back in. I’ve now reached a total of 33 pounds lost (even after incidents of sometimes eating two slices of chocolate cream pie in one sitting), I’m back down to a size 10, 8 in dresses, shoes actually fit on my feet and here is the largest comeback stunner: I feel like a champ naked. My legs are fit and toned, my abdomen looks like a body part one would actually recognize and my confidence is right on up there. I feel great getting dressed in the morning and I once again, love to shop.

So, when all my friends tell me they loathe running and they chat about being on an elliptical machine for like an hour, wasting their time, I just roll my eyes. You may hate running but running is your path to beauty. There’s not a lot to it. You just run in a straight line for a designated amount of time and you’ll see changes. You’ll see changes almost immediately.

Stop whining. Stop saying you hate it. Stop saying: “I’m just not a runner.” Stop believing that you can’t do something. What’s the fun in that? Reach deep, go long, move your body so eventually, you can love your body.

It’s worth it. I promise.

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