30th Birthday Wishlist: I want it all.

Yes, I want it all. You heard it first. I want the entire J.Crew line for fall. I want some new aviator’s. I want shoes that are so fancy, I will probably never wear them, because I roll out of bed most mornings and just go to work. Last night my husband was like: “Where’s all this fashion stuff coming from?” and I was all like: “Shit, I’ve been wearing yoga pants for three years until recently, so obviously, you forgot I was a woman.” There was more banter than that but that’s the jist of it. I want to feel coveted and well groomed. I want to be 30 but still completely fabulous and not wearing yoga pants recreationally ever again. In my 20’s, I learned a lot, it was nice. Now it’s time to put the big girl pants on. Let’s make them good ones.

In order of appearance:
1. RayBan Original Aviator Sunglasses w/Polarized Pink $195.00 (jcrew.com)
2. Grape Bohemian Jewel Wrap $38.00 (alexandani.com)
3. Champion Arm Bangel $28.00 (alexandani.com)
4. Tabitha Simmons for J. Crew Folly Rose High Heel Mary Janes $378.00 (jcrew.com)
5. St. James Closed Nightstand $950.00 (restorationhardware.com)
6. Collection Everly Studded Pumps $358.00 (jcrew.com)
7. Collection Francoise Lace Dress $495.00 (jcrew.com)

Last night, I assembled my wardrobe rack in my bedroom in an effort to be more “fashion organized.” I think it will help me to make better outfit decisions. And of course, owning all of these items would help too.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday!

xoxo, Jenny

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