Recover well with a wholesome, on the go snack

I’m not a fan of the gel packs, the squishy little dudes runners take with them on long excursions to boost their energy. Look at the ingredients, they are filled with crap. If I wanted 14 tablespoons of artificial sugar, I could just fill a zip lock bag with refined white sugar and drop it down my throat. And sure, maybe they’re not all bad but I’ve yet to meet one I like. I’m a fan of items made with real life ingredients. However, most of the time, the food I agree with eating isn’t portable enough to take with me on a long run. Yup, I’ll just stick this banana down my pants and then everyone will really want to hang out with me. 😉 Today, I discovered the Ginny Bar at the Good Life Market in Raymond. The ingredient list is a short one, maybe 10 ingredients, all things that I know well like raisins and pumpkin seeds. Calorically, this little bar weighs in at the 200 mark (see nutrition facts below), a perfect number for on the go snacking while running. The packaging is super cute and it’s small enough to fit inside most pockets or those little zip up things they put in running pants. You can buy these super yummy bars online as well, a pack of 10 is only $24.00.

So go check this little energy packed bar of goodness out. You will love them, I promise.



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