Half Marathon Training Plan


Yesterday, I actually had a little bit of downtime. It was glorious. Miles was sleeping. Emma was killing her brain cells, watching some horrible Disney TV show which normally I wouldn’t allow. The dogs were napping. I mean, everything lined up perfectly so that I could just zone out. I decided to take a look at my running progression with this new training plan. My running buddy and I have been using a plan, which I created based off the BAA Half Marathon Training Plan since the end of July. I’m not one for ever really sticking to a training plan so I feel pretty proud of myself thus far. I have been especially careful not to miss any of the long runs (with the exception of one, because I was really quite sick) and thanks to my training buddy, speed work is completed every Wednesday. We have even incorporated tempo runs, even if they are usually accidental. On top of the training plan, I have cut out spinning completely. At first it was because of my bout of sickness but then I noticed, omitting the two days of spinning really gave my legs a chance to shine on run days. I didn’t feel as tired and overwhelmed. While I think spin classes are a GREAT addition to anyone’s lifestyle, I think for me, right now, my training has been more successful without them.

Anyways, the progression in my running has been really amazing. We have shaved off about a minute per mile for our shorter runs (4-6 miles) and have shaved about 30 seconds per mile off our long runs (7-11). Our speed work has been really impressive, picking up some 7’30″s on quarter-mile splits. My last 10K, which was the Beach to Beacon, a wretched course in the last 3 miles, I came in with a cool 57 minutes. And, I felt like I could have gone harder if I wasn’t so afraid to push it. Point being, this training plan, with no huge bells and whistles, along with a fantastic training partner, has made the world of difference.

So, I wanted to share it with all of you. The week in which I was sick, you would have to fill in obviously, as it’s reflected here in the plan. (I update actual progress regularly.) The beginning was meant to build us very gradually, as any training plan should do.


Happy running everyone!

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