Boston 2014 & A Little Facelift

The idea of running a full marathon has always blown my mind. Like, completely blown it. A full marathon is two half marathons smooshed together and I’ll be honest, after a half marathon, I’m pretty tuckered out. I admire all those have completed this amazing feat but until last year, I had absolutely no desire to run one myself.

Let’s be honest here, the Boston Marathon bombings changed things for a lot of runners last year. It made most of us a combination of angry and inspired. It was such a sad incident on what usually is an extremely uplifting day. It couldn’t have happened to more resilient people. Let’s face it, when you are born in Boston, you are born with a fighting gene, combine that with a runner’s spirit and one is left with something very unique. Personally, that day left me with a desire to run the 2014 Boston Marathon and I think that’s the case for lots of people who never had the urge to run it prior. While qualifying is completely out of the question, I know there is a way to get in through charity, today I received the first e-mail about the application to the Dana Farber Team. I’m scared shitless. But I’m excited. I’m going to fill that application out to the best of my ability, say my prayers and hope for the best. The journey will be a long one if accepted on the team but that’s ok, I’m ready for it. I want this bucket list item so badly. To prove to myself that I can do it. To prove to others that I can do it. And, to support my hometown of Boston on the one year anniversary of a terrible tragedy.

Which brings me to the facelift. After two years, I think I have finally figured out what this blog should “be.” I’ve had countless ideas and tried to implement some of them but the truth is, ideas are better when they are focused. Ideas suffer when you try to spread them out too much. So, I’ve decided to omit things like: restaurant reviews, product reviews and give-a-ways. I’ve decided to steer this blog away from being a place where I support businesses for the sake of supporting local businesses and just talk about the things I love. Right now, my life is geared almost entirely towards running and cooking, of course, after that, there isn’t much room left over. On my hopeful journey towards Boston 2014, or whatever race takes its place, I’ve decided to steer this blog primarily towards running, diet, training and recipes. I have added the “EAT&PLAY” tab which has several sub categories: cook (recipes, not really geared towards runners specifically), eat (my favorite indulge spots, restaurants, bakeries, etc.), juice (juicing tips and recipes for active people) and recover (recipes geared specifically towards runners and how to treat your body well while training).  I have also added a “TRAINING” tab which will include sub categories: playlist material (current music I love to run to), training diary (my personal journey through training for a specific race) and training plans (training plans which I have used in training that have worked well for me). A lot of this material is new to the site and will take a little while to build but from this point forward “Put That In Your Face” will be about the active person, taking care of themselves, taking care of their body while still going for the good stuff every once in a while. I think being more streamlined will help to create a better sense of community, amongst men and women across the globe who embody the “runner’s spirit.”

I am also going to change the header and possibly the layout. I think the site needs a little bit more color. I am feeling a change. Let me know your thoughts if you have any, I welcome any and all feedback.

I welcome you on this journey with me and I hope it will be a really positive one.

Till next time my friends.

xoxo, Jenny

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