Almond Joy Granola Bars

Phew, it has been, quite the couple of weeks. I have found that running has left me void of any energy to do absolutely anything else. After the family stuff, listening to the constant chatter of my children, paying attention to my poor husband who I know, just wants to kick me in the clam when I bring up yes another running anecdote and gardening, cooking, bla bla bla, I have just zero time. I found that I may have over loaded my plate months ago and the repercussions are still being doled out. For instance, I have forgotten my daughters piano lessons for two, maybe three, consecutive weeks. I completely forgot to sign her up for the last week of camp. I have abandoned this blog all together. And sometimes, I just want to lay in bed and hum to myself, which I think is a sign of crazy. Anyways, the Beach to Beacon is now over and my next focus is the BAA Half Marathon in October, then it’s a wedding, then it’s turning 30. Then, you may never hear from me again. I will be under the covers, drowning my sorrow with an industrial vat of chocolate ice cream, a bottle of rum and an issue of Runner’s World. Don’t send cards. Don’t write. Just let me process it on my own. I may even play some depressing music. Who knows. For the next three months I have decided that I am no longer committing myself to anything. I just can’t. It’s making my head explode. I can commit to running. I can commit to cleaning up my obnoxious backyard which hasn’t been tended to all summer. And I can commit to Dairy Queen, at least once a week. Anything more than that, I probably, can’t handle.

Last night, I ran 4 miles before Josh came home and I wanted to smash my head into the treadmill the entire time. My legs have been hurting. My body is fighting back. I have two blood blisters and a bit of a broken spirit. BUT! I ran the best race of the entire year on Saturday so I’m still trying to look on the positive side. By the time Josh arrived home from work, the misery was over and I was showered and doing productive things in the kitchen. One of my favorite, well, actually, the only teenager I like in the world, is leaving for college and I wanted to make her some granola bars. From what I hear, she’s a pretty stellar soccer player and there aren’t too many badass female athletes remaining who have a great attitude and work ethic. Molly is great. She’s got a real spirit about her and it lifts the energy of a room. I know all mother’s are anxious when their babies leave for the big college experience but I know, Molly will make her mom proud. People like her thrive in new environments, even when they don’t know it.

For a young gal who burns a lot of calories, I wanted to make something that would enrich her body, taste great and restore energy after a workout. I also wanted something that wouldn’t weigh down her stomach. I picked the almond joy thing because real, raw, shredded coconut has great “healthy” fat.  It’s also high in fiber and great for digestive health. Almonds are packed with protein and they also help with your cardiovascular system and moderate hunger, Can’t get better than that. As a bonus, I threw some chia seeds in there to really give her a boost of energy. So, not only are these little bars amazing for her well-being but she will feel as though she’s consuming a treat. Also, she won’t starve to death for at least a week which will make her mom sleep better at night.

I urge you all to give these a try, they’re easy and amazing stuffed in your face.



2 cups organic, old fashioned rolled oats
2 cups organic, slivered almonds, toasted a smidge
2 cups organic, raw, shredded coconut (UNSWEETENED)
1/2 cup chia seeds (optional)
1/2 cup (60-70%) organic dark chocolate chips
1 cup light agave nectar
1/2 cup almond butter
2 tsp. vanilla


Preheat oven to 350.
Real simple: throw it all in a bowl and mix well.
Line a pan with parchment paper and press your granola mixture into it.
Bake for 12-15 minutes, 12 worked perfectly for me. (You want the edges to be a nice golden brown)
Allow to cool before cutting.

Bake. Bite. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Almond Joy Granola Bars

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful, healthy granola bars you made for Molly…. her Mom truly appreciates the effort!!! Anxious is an understatement watching your baby girl moveon to her next big step in life….she’ll do great!

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