Core Bar Give-A-Way (10 Pack!!!)

Yes, ladies and gentleman, it is time for another give-a-way. I had such an AMAZING experience with these bars that I felt inclined to share the wealth with all of my readers out there. I’m not one for deprivation, I want real, good food that fills me up and nourishes my body. These bars did that. They also helped me to slim down prior to my half marathon, run better with less food in my stomach and gave me energy when I really needed it. These will continue to be my go to morning bar. For all of you out there who are new, or didn’t read my review of these bars, let me give you a little information. They are completely raw, vegan and filled with only stuff from the earth. Bare minimum ingredients, all that are good for you. No syrups, no sugar, these are not candy bars pretending to be good for you. They are real deal athlete and normal people approved food. Wanna try them out? Then enter this give-a-way and you could win a box of 10 bars! This box includes the three flavors offered and will be delivered fresh to your door.

To enter:

1) Like us on Facebook

2) Follow us on Twitter

3) Follow our blog

4) Share this post on Facebook (make sure you comment to let me know you did this)

Every item gives you an entry! What’s better than that!?!

I will be announcing the winner on July 4th, not a lot of time, so get your entries in. Once announced, the winner will get their box is about 48 hours. These are made of real food, so they will go bad, once they get to your house, throw them in the fridge. For more information on these wonderful bars go to:

Good luck everyone!

xoxo, Jenny

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