Core Foods: A raw bar, I actually want to eat.

I’m always looking around for two things:

1) Raw food that I can actually ingest that won’t make me want to punch everyone in the face as I’m eating it (Also known as, actually enjoyable food)

2) Portable food that I can take on the go when my toddler is having a morning melt down and I barely had time to wash my vagina.

As a “mother runner” or a generally swamped busy individual, anything that makes my life easier while being healthy and sustainable is a huge plus. And sometimes, I have time to make these items myself. I have really conjured up some highly enjoyable granola bars and protein bars that work well for keeping me full while maintaining my effort to lose weight. But lately, I just haven’t wanted to touch my oven for any reason what so ever. I don’t even want to look at it. The itch to bake just isn’t there. So, I thought, maybe it’s time to go on a world-wide web search for someone who will do it for me. Google led me to CORE Foods, a website that specializes in producing these bars which are completely raw, vegan and arrive right to your door in a neat little package. Their website has all sorts of amazing information on a healthier lifestyle: shopping lists, activities and reasons why their product is actually good for you. There are three flavors: Raw Almond Raisin, Raw Cashew Cacao, and Raw Banana Walnut. I was already sold but then I kept reading only to find out that these bars are meant to be a meal when consumed with two glasses of water. Pssssshhh. I thought. Impossible. With an appetite like mine and the running I’m doing, no deal. So I decided to put these little bars to the test. I ordered them and they arrived in literally two days; and that was only because I waited till after the morning deadline. They arrived cold, in little express package which I promptly placed in my fridge. The first one I thought, I would try before a 10 mile run. There’s no better test than that as far as I can see.

So the morning of my very early run I consumed the Banana Walnut which tasted like yummy, slightly spicy in a good way, banana bread. I gulped down my water, grabbed my running buddy and we hit the road. I kept waiting mile after mile for my stomach to grumble. But it didn’t. In fact, my run began at 7 and I wasn’t hungry till almost noon, where I consumed a big bowl of fruit and felt completely satisfied. Not only that but when my run was over, I felt as though I had enough energy to keep going. I didn’t because that would have been craziness but if someone was chasing me, I would have done alright. After that, I made these bars a normal part of my morning routine, sometimes adding a banana to the mix if I was feeling especially hungry that morning. Until the ultimate challenge came: my half marathon. I only consumed half, yes half, of the Cashew Cacao because my nerves were shot but that little guy kept me going for 13.1 miles. I didn’t stop for anything but water and a little Gatorade. Sure, I was a smidge hungry at the finish line but I think that’s pretty good considering.

Truly, it’s rare when a product is completely transparent and I have to say, these little guys definitely are. The label could not be anymore straight forward. The product holds up to all of its promises. And additionally, it actually looks like the ingredients it lists. There is no funk in these bars. No sugar. No crap. They are not candy bars pretending to be healthy. (Cliff Bars, Luna Bars, any bar they produce at the grocery store) Next time you are shopping, read some of the labels of these other bars you are buying: LOADED WITH SUGAR. And it comes in all sorts of interesting forms. Stop eating empty calories. Nourish your body the way it was meant to be nourished. Support this company and buy lots of bars. And don’t even go on about the price, your body is an investment. It’s time to start putting the money where it matters. Good food costs more. And by good food I mean, raw, sustainable, healthful, whole food.

Go check out this site: CORE FOODS, they will be a part of my morning and training permanently.

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