Give-A-Way Time, Cookbook Style.

I love me a good cookbook. I have so many of them. They are scattered next to my bed, in my guest room, on my kitchen counters and of course, on many bookshelves. They all have notations, cornered pages, highlights, some have sticky pages and others even have flour nestled in between the pages. To me, it’s a sign that they have been used and enjoyed. And I love that when a random stranger opens one up, they can see how much I love it by the broken spine. Really well written cookbooks make my heart swell with delight because a highly narrative chef, is a great chef. It’s the stories behind food that I fall in love with the most. When I first wanted to write a real blog about real food, I started reading the Smitten Kitchen and reveled over her food wisdom. I love that she started small, only to become a household name and write this beautiful book. The first time I picked it up, I felt something wonderful in my bones, perhaps because it sounds just like her blog and the food is like the food that she posts on her blog. It’s not processed or over done. It is a tangible compliment to all her good work.

And after hearing me spout off about all of the majesties of this book, I am sure you will want a copy. So how about you give it a go and try to win yourself one. How??? You may ask, well, by entering our 2nd give-a-way.

Here’s how:

Our Facebook page needs some love, so go ahead and give it a like, tell your friends, and make them give it a like.

Become a follower of this blog and get first read of newly published posts.

Follow us on Twitter to get little tasty tidbits of information.

Or if you really want many a chances to win, all of the above.

The lucky winner will be selected on May 26th, after I finish running a magical 13.1 miles. I will announce it via Facebook as well as a post. 

Remember, food is love, so help spread some love and support this fine blog! 

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