Housemade Sugar Scrub

I’m always on a quest to find alternatives for store bought items. I mean, why not? Most of the stuff at the grocery/drug stores are filled with chemicals that no one should have in their body. I will admit, I still occasionally buy store bought cookies and I haven’t quite mustered the balls to go sans shampoo, but for the most part, I try to participate in a “from the earth” existence. I do what I can, when I can. And I don’t when I can’t or maybe can’t be bothered. {Kind of a tongue twister} Anyways, This afternoon I felt compelled to make some housemade body scrub because yesterday at Whole Foods, I almost had a stroke when I looked at the price tag for a tiny jar that probably wouldn’t cover my giant body more than once (and maybe not even). I’ve heard/read about it before and it is fairly easy, all you need is lots of sugar and whatever scents you want to throw into the sugar. From there you mix, jar and scrub your body so that when you step out of the shower, you look like a shiny buffed up power house.

Today it was Lavender + Lemon that really called out to me. They are two of my favorite scents. I wish that I had some fresh lavender to use, but, we’re not there yet in the growing season. I purchased this dried lavender from Williams Sonoma a few months ago and it’s been great for decorative use on macarons and shortbread. Opening up the canister always makes me smile ear to ear, lavender warms my soul. To make the scrub, it really is just mixing together the lavender, regular sugar (I used a mix of coarse and granulated, whatever you have on hand is fine) and a few drops of liquid. In this case, it was a squeeze of lemon juice with a few scrapings of zest. You could use anything though: coconut oil, olive oil, honey, etc. Another combination that is fantastic: brown sugar and vanilla beans. So yummy. When you are done combining your ingredients, place the finished product in a cute jar, keep it for yourself or give it as a gift. If it’s for you, toss it in the shower for one of those days your body needs a little extra lovin’

My little jar of love is going to my Mom. I’m going home to Boston for the weekend and after two days with myself and the kids, she’ll need this sugar scrub.

Till next time everyone,



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