Brown Butter Layer Cake w/ Bourbon Buttercream

Today, I wanted to bake a cake. And not just any cake, this beautiful, delicious cake, I saw on “Butter Me Up, Brooklyn’s” site. It’s a blog I have fallen in absolute love with. All of her recipes sound outstanding. However, this one in particular caught my eye. My husband has had this recent obsession with bourbon and this cake has bourbon perfectly infused in the frosting. Everything in the cake making process was relatively easy. And everything, smelled delightful along the way. If you have a free day, take the time to whip this up. I doubt you’ll regret it. Plus, you will make your husband, or boyfriend, or some random stranger, swoon.

blog 2Brown butter + regular butter = love, sweet love.

blog 3Batter is mixed, super easy, wonderful consistency.

blog 4Into the pans you go, boy, am I getting excited.

blog 6Cooling as I wait, ever so impatiently.

blog 7It’s time to make the frosting, I stole some of the fancy stuff. Not the fanciest, but the next notch down.

blog 6Phew, frosting the layers had me on edge.

finished cakeBut then comes the sweet, sweet finish. Yay! It looks as good as I had hoped.

For the full recipe, go visit Butter me up, Brooklyn.

7 thoughts on “Brown Butter Layer Cake w/ Bourbon Buttercream

    1. Thanks! I’m still learning about the in’s and out’s of icing. The cake is *so* gooooood, the bourbon takes some of the edge off the sweetness and the vanilla really stands out. I think any bourbon lover would enjoy it.

  1. wow, gorgeous sweet treat, I really love your step by step pictures, they really show how your cake will come out that great 😉 btw, the decoration is so simple and elegant ^^

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