One year down, almost 100 posts.

It’s been a little over a year since this blog emerged and it’s getting damn close to 100 posts. In the beginning stages of “Put That In My Face” I was unsure about what this project would become. Initially, it was a forum to share my opinions about things I love like food and running with the occasional rant here and there. I didn’t have high expectations. I wasn’t trying to start anything “big.” I was just enjoying the process of writing once again, something I took a long needed break from. I never expected that it would become something that I worked on damn near everyday and a place where people would come to “feel” something. I never anticipated commentary, dozens of likes or the amount of followers that I have accumulated. Truly, this has become something very special to me. I can’t tell you all how much it means to hear the wonderful feedback or to know that there are people out there who get excited to read what I have to say because they find it enjoyable and inspirational. You have all given something to me that I can not even begin to thank you for and I am completely looking forward to what the future holds.

I have lofty goals for this blog, really lofty goals. Big ideas in the sky that will hopefully formulate into something very real. I want my dreams to become tangible and I want them to become part of your everyday lives as well. My entire life I have wanted to publish something, it’s a goal that has evolved quite a bit but none the less, the end result would still be the same. I wrote my first “novel” when I was nineteen years old and have stashed it away in a binder ever since. It’s 300 pages of a very personal (not a memoir by any means), deeply seeded endeavor, that I have yet to let anyone else read. My next work of art will hopefully be something that is shared with lots of individuals. A highly narrated cookbook would be fascinating I think to a general audience of people. Stories of people and tradition, escapades in the garden and with children, all while whipping up farm to table cuisine that warms the home. The heart of one’s home is the kitchen, where people gather and foster love, new ideas and connect on a completely organic level.

Then there are my ideas for menus and running clubs. A long list of recipes and kitchen guidance. I mean, truly there are so many things I can’t wait to bring to you.

I want all of my readers and of course, myself, to live healthy, fruitful, active lives where the black and white line between loving food and being healthy becomes a little more gray. I want to help people find balance. I want to inspire you all to run and love it as I do. I want to show you that real food, good food; not diet, low sugar, no fat, chemically laden food, is the way to live life. Eating a small piece of chocolate cake that is made with organic, real ingredients, isn’t this world’s problem, it’s having 12 pieces and then eating “diet” food to fix the mess. We can get to a better place together.

Thank you to everyone: readers in the stores I visit, restaurants for your support, all the bloggers who have “liked”, left comments and introduced me to their wonderful works of art and to all the people who take the time to click the link every time I post. This weekend humbled me for sure with all of your “views”. At first I thought it was just the allure of free macarons but that post, got the least amount of traffic. Go figure. Anyways, thank you again everyone. Let’s see what this can become together!

Remember, sharing is caring. This will grow and prosper if you take it to the streets.

Have a great day everyone.

Jenny xoxo

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