Food: hello & goodbye.

People everywhere, nutritionists and doctors, have always said that your skin is the canvas to showcase what’s going on inside your body. For years people, myself included, have scoured the earth and dropped boat loads of money on miracle products to eliminate this shit on our face. Here’s the thing though, it never works. And if it does, its temporary. Right now, my skin seems to be imploding and it might just be my body telling me: listen lady, you better get your ducks in a row. It’s true, I better, I have four weeks until my first race in the Medley and I’m not doing my due diligence. My diet needs to change if I am going to be successful. When I say diet, I don’t mean, put myself on a diet. As talked about in my “Body Image” post yesterday, I’m not doing that to myself anymore, but embracing a little more health and a little less filth is never a bad thing. It’s time to cleanse. Not with juice. I mean, truly, I have yet to fully recover from that, I see a beet and I want to throw up. Steve Nash of the Laker’s consumes ZERO sugar. Nothing. Nadda. Zilch. It’s believed that his amazing exterior is due to this choice. Sugar is terrible for us and is way too wildly available. But that’s not the only thing to go.


1. Bread: all bread, anything that looks bread like, even my lovely whole wheat english muffins, peace out ladies.

2. Pasta: I’m tearing up right now. Yup, hit the road.

3. Cheese: love you but we are through.

4. Sugar: no cookies, none in my coffee, no cupcakes, if it’s not naturally occurring, I won’t be eating it.


1. Chia seeds: they’re fantastic little dudes that pack a wild nutritional punch. Runners in the most desolate corners of the earth have been utilizing these little seeds for years and years.

2. My lovely Tera’s Whey: basically nadda in the ingredient category, it’s a very natural way to give your body something good.

3. Goji Berries: they come in all forms these days, yogurt covered, plain, chocolate covered, I’ll be sticking with plain.

4. Kale: Yea, kale, yay. (I’m almost bitter about this one)

5. Flax seeds: yummy when ground up in shakes, just a little something extra to give the bod.

6. Barley, farro, unprocessed bran: tools from the earth to sustain.

7. Blueprint juices: now sold at Whole Foods, how exciting!!!

Is it going to be easy? No. Someone might have to pry a chicken nugget or a cupcake from my cold dead hands but that’s what I have a husband for, right? This isn’t about deprivation either, to be completely clear. It’s about making better choices. Right now, I’m asking a lot of my body. I’m asking it to get up at 4:45 a.m. two days a week to spin and then run four days a week. I’m asking it to be alright with just one rest day to repair and recover. So I better do my part. Most of you reading this may not be making some of these choices and you may be saying: this doesn’t apply to me. But it does. Even eliminating one of these foods on the list would be a welcome change in your bodies world. Shit food is too easy to come by these days and our bodies are calling out for better. Help your body feel good. I’m telling you one thing, feeding my body right, always helps with the body image. When my soul feels good, my perception of myself is better. Give it a try. Remember: “Eating wisely is not missing out.” (From the Blueprint folks)

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