Portland gets fit with spinning

I recently discovered that Portland is now home to a brand spanking new Spinning Studio: Quest Cycle. It’s a state of the art spinning experience that just can’t be beat. I discovered it the other day while driving home from Whole Foods. It can be difficult to spot so I’m not entirely sure how it jumped out at me, but needless to say, it caught my eye and I perked up immediately. I have been looking for a new place to spin as World Gym seems to not fit “me” anymore. And let’s be honest, Portland is still coming to age with its fitness facilities. The only place I know of that sounds interesting is the Body Architect but who wants to pay like a hundred bucks for a gym membership with classes that only involve yoga? Not me. What I need is something with a go-to, one hour, kick my face in experience and Quest Cycle has completely given that to me. It technically opens tomorrow, however, they have had FREE demo classes all week and I went to two of them. These were at 5:30 A.M. but their schedule is really flexible with a variety of classes that could fit almost anyone’s schedule. The facility is small but, let’s be honest, it’s just spinning, how much space does one need? But they have utilized the space well. It has a huge projection screen where the instructor plays a video of a mountain or a road to accompany your ride. Then there are the colorful lights flashing about that are usually placed on at the halfway point of the class. Oh and let’s not forget the giant fan that blows wind in your hair as you ride your little heart out. The instructor this morning (Paul, loving him!) really put us all to the test and I left feeling like I had really laid it all out. I felt good. I felt like I could conquer anything.

To me, the sure sign of successful exercise is when I feel athletic. It’s when I can visualize myself in another place at another time, doing something really fierce. It’s like visualizing myself in a Nike commercial, where I am lacing up my shoes and ready to roll with the big guys. This morning, there was this one song, no idea what it was called but it resonated deep with me. It made me feel powerful and real. It made me feel like I was in a place where I could stomp through puddles and high-five all my friends. The feeling I had when I left was more than just accomplishment, I felt inspired.

I know everyone goes through cycles where they feel like they can and then they can’t. It’s important to help seek out the one thing that can lift you up to new levels. Spinning for me has always been that one thing that just brings me back to earth. When I’m tired of running or frustrated with running, when I am feeling like I want to break up with running, I go spin. Then, I feel as if everything has been placed in perspective. I release the demons and that makes it easier to return to life on the pavement, step by step. Every runner needs a cross training activity that works well with their routine, this is mine.

We are almost out of winter people, clearer skies are coming, I can just feel it. Soon we will all be out in T-shirts, wondering what life was like with all this snow on the ground. But meanwhile, go to one of these classes, you won’t regret it. It’s not an easy class but it’s a rewarding one. And if you do happen to treat yourself to something like a cupcake (which I did last night), spinning helps you to feel a little better about it.

Quest Cycle

132 Marginal Way

Portland, ME

*You can sign up for classes on their website which is great for busy folks such as myself.

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