Weekly Round-Up: Move your ass

March is coming and it is coming fast. Next thing you know it’s April. Then it’s summer and I’m in my bedroom, trying on one of the twelve bathing suits I purchased while sweating bullets and crying in front of the mirror. Does this sound like your life? I think it’s the life of most people with a vagina. Even when we look better than we did, women across the globe are finding the con’s and highlighting them. Lately, I have found myself to be a bit of a whiner. I’m down to my pre-children weight, yet, I’m still like: OMG Josh, I feel yucky. If I were him, I would want to slap me. A million times. So this week I am focusing on finding better ways to feel good. Never mind the number on the scale, just mind over matter, straight up, feeling inner, deep, good. And I’m sharing with you the best ways to get your body looking nice as well as tame the beast, you know that little voice in your head that drives you crazy. Let’s get rid of that.


I recently discovered this website: The Healthy Chef. It’s an Australian based chef, Teresa Cutter, sharing her healthful recipes and tips on the house. Her recipe list is long and chock full of tasty meals that will not break the calorie bank. I’m talking scones, desserts, yummy entrees, the whole bit. I find that eating healthy can get dull. I mean you can only have so many salads before you want to punch someone straight in the face. So, finding ways to keep it sexy is really quite helpful. For me, dinner is key. I need to have a filling, flavorful, different every night dinner in order to feel like I’m not being deprived. I like that I can go here, explore and some light bulbs will go off in my head.



Spin classes, yes, the ever alluring, wonderful, spin class. The idea of attending a spin class is horrifying to some folks. Why? I have no idea. Do you think they bring you into a dark room, bend you over a bike and beat the crap out of you? Well, they don’t. I have always loved spinning an a cross training resource, especially when training for races. Your legs naturally need a little break from high impact exercises like running. But even if you’re not a runner, spinning is amazing for your cardiovascular health. It can be as easy or as difficult as you want to be and not a single person is judging you for your performance in the room. How can they, no one can focus on anything but the amount that they’re sweating. Most classes are 60 minutes, although there are some that are 90 minutes. I would say, save that for when you are really in top-notch shape, don’t try to be Lance. Although as of right now I’m not sure anyone is trying to be him. Anyways, classes are available at World’s Gym in Portland. No membership required. It’s $7 per class and they have a great schedule. If you live in the Boston area, hell, you have so many options it’s not even funny. Just Google spinning and you will be amazed. Spinning studios are huge in the Newton area alone. In Boston, they will run you about $10 a class.


Try eating raw. Not like cold cucumber soup. Not, I only eat raw exclusively and it makes you so jittery you want to jump off a bridge. I’m talking about introducing more raw foods into your diet, a little at a time. For me, I focus on raw during breakfast and lunch as well as snacks. For dinner, I don’t want anything cold, except in the summer. Try having a large, full to the brim fruit salad in the morning. If that doesn’t do it for you in the filling department, add some egg whites on the side, making yourself an egg white omelette with some veggies. The point is that at least 50% of your meal is raw, which is better than no percent. For lunch, if you eat a sandwich, get rid of that. Replace it with a filling salad, throw everything you can think of in there: lettuce, carrots, radishes, celery, broccoli, some form of nut, dried fruit, tomatoes, I mean really, the possibilities are endless. Salads can really be anything you want them to be, you just have to get a little creative with it. For snacks, have a handful of almonds, a banana, perhaps an apple with some sort of healthy topping. Raw food is a term that sounds quite scary, but it’s not. Healthfulness is taking small steps.

Pick a race and use it as your dangling carrot. Let’s be honest, we can’t always motivate ourselves, sometimes we all need a little push. Signing up for a million races this year is my way of holding myself accountable. Especially when I know there will be people there I am friends with because seriously, I’m not about looking like an asshole. I talk a lot of shit so when it comes time, I know I better have the ability to back it up. If you are looking for some sort of inspiration, find a 5K and start training towards it. You don’t have to run it tomorrow, it could be months away, but once you commit and put your money on the table, you’ll be a lot more likely to get off that couch. 5K’s are a great beginners tool because most 5K’s are meant for first timers and it’s a comfortable setting that everyone can enjoy. I really loved the Fit at 5K last June. I thought it was the best at bringing in first time runners and making them feel like champs. So go and get your carrot. Hang it up and run after it. You will be glad you did. Trust me.

Seriously, little things add up to big things. You have to start somewhere. And it’s perfectly alright if you fall down. But summer is a painful truth that is approaching and this year, I won’t be one of those folks freaking out. I’m gonna be prepared. Who knows, maybe I’ll be so prepared that I will just show up everywhere naked. Just kidding. Wink Wink.



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