Jump that cliff: go run.


Last night I realized that I am getting ready for quite a busy year. At 29, all my friends have recently decided that it’s their time to get hitched, have babies, move in together, whatever. My fridge is filling up with save the dates, my calendar is filling up with wedding weekends and the rest is quickly becoming packed with race dates. I’m racing multiple races in some months, some on back to back weeks and I truly could not be more excited over the prospect of having an incredibly healthy year. My long hiatus from running was a mix of starting a family, juggling a family and a fear induced by my very straight forward heart doctor. It was a lonely time for me. Running has always been my one and only proverbial best friend and it has kept me company and held my hand through the very worst of times. My return to running was piggy backed on two people’s introduction to running and although they have since come and left the sport, I am feeling stronger than ever. I’ve learned that my fear of the unknown can’t prevent me from living life. I have to do what I love. Otherwise, what am I doing here? No running creates a shallow hole of myself. I have chosen to race in the Portland area here in Maine but the majority of my races are going to be in Boston. It’s a grand excuse to ditch this state (although we know I do love it here) and return home to a place I have missed dearly.

With all this activity I have also taken the time to foster new running projects. Yes, I mean more poor souls that will be subjected to my running rants, theories on life and of course the occasional push when not interested in doing any running at all. I am in the midst of trying to covince gently nudge a first time runner into a half marathon. I know she can do it. She’s got the heart. I can see that when she runs. It’s just a matter of helping her dig deep enough to trust herself. To me, there are some people who are absolutely not meant to run and there are people who are meant to, in that group, some of them are aware of their destiny and some have no clue. I can tell a non-runner straight away and I can only hope that the rolling of my eyes lets them know exactly how I feel. If it’s not organic you shouldn’t push it. If you are fighting against the tide, the ocean may not want you. Let it go and move on to, I don’t know, fucking tennis. You can buy all the running gear in the world but being flashy doesn’t make you a runner. You just look like a dummy in neon clothing. You have to have the heart. That’s what keeps you moving forward.

At the end of the day, I want to inspire people to find what I have. I feel like there is an oasis in my world, one that is bright and fruitful in a life that can sometimes feel like a dessert. Running is one of the healthiest choices you can make for yourself. It burns a ton of calories (roughly 120 per mile), shreds body fat like no one’s business and helps to boost your metabolism, increase your state of mind and deter you from eating shit. Running is also a wonderful spiritual endeavor. There is magic in your steps, I promise you.

I know there are a lot of people reading this blog recently that are going down a more healthful path. Some of you have big goals in front of you. Some of you have been doing this awhile, some of you are just starting out. Some of you (you know who you are) have already done extraordinary things, dropping weight because you have chosen to stick with it and fight on. Some of you have told me that running is just not for you. How do you know? How really do you know if you have never tried? You want it. I’ll help you get there. Sometimes you have to jump that cliff to get to the water. Lose the fear. Just do it.

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