Read between the lines.

Last week at the airport I purchased five magazines. I was desperate. I’m not rich or well off by any means but flying economy stresses me out. I’m in close quarters with people I’m usually not fond of, some of them talk the whole entire time and others are eerily quiet, some smell, some dress funny and some I just want to hit in the face. Anyways, I would have done anything for some distraction so I bought anything that looked remarkably interesting. Then today in Walgreens I purchased two more magazines, for absolutely no reason at all. I’m a sucker for food related anything. It’s just seemingly the way I am.

So, on the airplane I determined within ten minutes that all five magazines had little to offer me. The content was “bla”, even in “Runner’s World” and I felt quite pissed that I paid like $30 bucks for repeated, re-circulated information. Today, one of Bon Appetite’s features was: The real-life guide to a family dinner. If I had seen that, I would have thrown the whole stack on sale in the trash. Why would anyone need a how-to for that? You just cook something and tell your kids to eat it. Make sure it’s nutritional, set the table and bam, you are good to go. What the hell? Ok, am I ranting now? I am.

My point is you have to really sift through these magazines to find a reason to spend the money so I figured today, I would do that for you. Here are my favorite moments from the March 2013 edition of “Bon Appetit”.

The 20 Most Important Restaurants in America

This list kind of made me laugh a little, ok, ok, a lot. I have eaten at one of these locations. It was decent, not worth the money. I’m sure for others, that might not be the case. Primo is listed on here like it’s some kind of Maine wonder. Um, people, this shit goes on in hundreds of restaurants in Maine, she just figured out how to capitalize off it. We eat from the earth here. Often. Anyways, check it out, it was interesting.

Chicken & Biscuits (Soup)

Italian Vegetable Stew

Fallen Chocolate Cake

Brussel Sprouts and Steak Stir-Fry

Was that it? Yea, it was. My favorite was the ad with Bobby Flay endorsing yogurt. How fame has made a life for him. Bet he is thrilled. The rest of the magazine had a few interesting recipes in it but none that blew my skirt up and nothing that sounded incredibly easy to prepare. Tonight I’m thinking of some chicken and dumpling soup. I made it last week and it made me feel like I wanted to slap my mama. (In a good way. Promise) And last night I prepared some amazing Almond Brioche with housemade almond paste which I baked this morning after allowing to proof overnight. Delicious? You bet. Get in your kitchens everyone. Find your power face and slap your butt cheeks with some flour.



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