Thirsty Thursday.

I was tinkering around with the design of the website, which some of you may or may not have seen and I was getting ridiculously irritated so I left it alone. The plan ultimately is to add all sorts of new jazzy stuff that people can spend time looking at but right now, I’m hitting a learning curve so that will have to come later. Eventually, there will be a post for every day of the week, keeping readers enticed and the content fresh. There will also be a more professional website with hopefully some partners to follow. Anyways, enough about that.

It’s not Thursday yet but I am preparing for this weight loss challenge which begins Monday. We have 7 people competing with a pot of $70. Low, yes, but the buy-in is only $10 so we will need a significant number of folks participating for this to really make anyone any money. So if you haven’t signed up, do it now, if you know someone who should sign up, make them do it. The winner gets a $75 gift card to Nike, on top of what they win in the pot. Not a bad deal. You can do it along side another weight loss tool, like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, because all you have to do is enter your weight.

So I bet you were thinking this will be about cocktails, WRONG. No cocktails. I’m taking a forever break from cocktails after Mardi Gras. Well, maybe not forever, but a little while. This is about infusing your water with delicious flavors so that you will keep drinking it. Water is a wonderful thing. Most of the time your body is giving you the “I’m hungry” flash, it’s actually just thirsty. Does water get boring? Yes. It does. But that’s ok because we can kick it up a notch, or five. And I’m not talking about using artificial shit like: Crystal Light (BLA) or this new squirty stuff they sell to give your water some flavor. I’m talking about holistic, all-natural flavorings from the earth.

Grab a large pitcher of water and add some of the following flavor combinations. Stick it in the fridge and drink it down all day. Your body will thank you, your weight will thank you and your skin will thank you. And then you can go ahead and thank me.

1. Cucumber (no peeling necessary, just slice thin) & mint (just rip the mint leaves)

2. Lemon (Take the seeds out and slice thin) (Squeeeeeeze)

3. Grapefruit & Lemon (Take the seeds out and slice thin) (Don’t forget to give a little squeeze)

4. Strawberry & Basil (Slice up the strawberries after removing the tops, tear the basil into pieces)

5. Pineapple & Mint (Slice pineapple & rip the mint leaves)

6. Lemon & Lime (Squeeeeeze after slicing and getting the seeds out of the lemon)

7. Raspberry, cucumber & mint (same as previous ingredients)

The combinations are really endless. The most important thing is that this spices up your routine and keeps your hydrated. Remember 8, 8 oz. glasses a day, minimum. If you can, drink more than that. And of course, avoid soda, diet soda, fruit juices (unless you are making them yourself) and sweetened teas. Take care of yourself.


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