Trim the fat & win some money honey.

fatlossI know some of you read my “Biggest Loser Fundraiser” and no one seemed too interested. Was $50 too much to ask for a “buy-in”? Perhaps. What can I say, I’m at a loss when it comes to fundraising for this big race in April. Anyways, this weight loss challenge is just about YOU and YOUR goals and YOUR need for a support system. As well as ME and MY goals to trim the fat for the warmer season ahead. Yes, I said, warmer, and it’s no joke because that shit will creep on us faster than we want it to. To become part of the game, you need to place $10 (JUST $10!!!) into the pot. Then, if you reach your goal weight, you get to split the pot. So say we have 20 people who join, that’s $200.00 in the pot. If four people succeed, they split the pot and get $50 each. Not too shabby. Now, if we can really raise the numbers, everyone stands to win. So tell all your friends, your family members, your church, your running group, the guy who sells you that latte, EVERYONE!

The challenge starts on Feb. 18th and lasts 4 weeks. That gives you time to clean out your fridge, replace and organize. Map out your routine, google some shit, mentally prepare, whatever. The goal is to lose 4% of your body weight.

My body weight is 186, so for me that is 7.44 lbs. over 4 weeks. *I can not believe I just put my weight on the internet*

During the 4 weeks, I will be placing up menus, excercise advice, general advice on how to avoid the cupcakes, tracking advice, so on. If for some reason, you need a more rigid plan, e-mail me, I can easily get you something that works with your lifestyle. And, if you are a local, let’s get together and do a workout. Support means the world in times like these. And we can do this ladies!

NOW: the person who loses the most body weight gets not only a portion of the pot but a $75 gift card to Nike. That way you can fancy your face up with some smaller workout clothing.

Sign up here:

Trim the Fat Weight Loss Challenge

*By the way this is a very reputable site and lots of people use it.

**Also, there is an option to donate your winnings to charity, so if you do want to throw them into my fundraising pot, that would be much appreciated, if not, that is completely fine too. You earned it. You deserve it. 🙂

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