Get me out of winter.

Is there an off button? Hmmm? I just thought I would ask because my buns are literally freezing. Yesterdays run (Sandy Hook 5K) was frigid, I mean, beyond frigid and because of that, I could not force myself out the door today. After four, smaller than average runs this week (3-4 miles each) and five larger runs last week, I decided to go ahead and give myself the day off. Don’t you worry though, I stuffed like 6 thin mint girl scout cookies in my face and then ate lots of Superbowl food, so my arms actually got quite the workout. Oh, and let’s not forget how Beyonce’s thighs made all of us women feel this evening….I almost threw up chicken wings all over the table. Tomorrow, I’m back on the wagon. I’m gonna have those thighs damn it.

Back to winter.

How does one make it better? Well, we bring spring into our homes. Even if it’s just a little bit.

Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for making it hurt a little less this time of year.

flat,550x550,075,f1. Buy Fresh Flowers

I’m not saying everyday, don’t make this your new expensive habit, but once a week, treat yourself to a “budget” bouquet. Something small, maybe some filler flowers, just to make your house look a little more like Spring. To me, the feeling of setting these on a table is priceless and it absolutely warms me up every time I pass them by. If you have vases that are on the smaller side, break up a bouquet to make the most of your money and place the vases at various locations in your house. Sometimes just a little accent is enough.

2. Fruit in a Bowl

This may sound wack-a-doo but it works. Trust me. There is something serene and bright about having a pile of apples, some grapes, a pear, whatever. It sets the tone for fresh things to come. And, when you want to devour an entire bag of chocolate chips while crying about it being two degrees, this may just serve as a reminder that bikini season is right around the corner. My favorite is a pile of apples, they stay a decent amount of time and I can grab one everyday before hitting the road.

Havaianas3. Flip Flops

Yup, I said it. It’s not cocky. Go buy yourself some. The warm weather will be here soon with all your fantastic vibes. I wear mine around the house, to the store, really, at any sign that better weather things are coming my way. They slip on, slip off and you don’t have to bend over. Soooooolllld.

4. Take a Time Out

Get a massage. Treat yourself to one hour of a warm bed where someone will nurture your body. Costly, perhaps but everyone needs a little time out. It’s important to keep yourself centered when the weather gets you down.

I am deeply looking forward to my trip to New Orleans this week. Currently it is 75 degrees down there. It’s a little time with the husband that is much needed and much deserved. Don’t worry though, we will keep you updated while away and there will be plenty of food posts to keep you entertained.




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