Weekly Round-up: these are calorie free, right?


Today I am in a generally pissy mood. I don’t know why. I can’t explain it. It’s a mystery that is foreign to me. I had a great run last night and experienced someone actually pushing me for once, I’ve lost a couple more L of B’s and I basically am having the best hair day. So, what’s my problem???? Who knows. I’ll have to visit Yoda later to try to figure it out. Anyways, I’m hoping talking about some luscious things will improve this damper attitude. With winter making us all miserable, I figured I would focus on positive things like: cupcakes, shopping and cheese. Cupcakes mean you eat a small portion of cake, rather than the whole thing. And if you are like me and someone literally has to pour dish soap over cake in the trash, you can appreciate the pre-portioned size of a cupcake. Unless you buy a dozen, for yourself. The weekend is upon us once again and I say, let’s make it a sweet one.

If you like ordering things online and having them come in spectacular packaging then these cupcake places are for you. I have sent cupcakes to several friends using these lovely peeps and no one has ever been disappointed. They don’t skimp on the wow factor, plus there are lots of flavors to choose from and it won’t break your bank.

www.siftcupcakes.com I love the fact that the three individuals on the home page are literally stuffing the cupcakes in their face. The cupcakes could suck, which they don’t, and I would still have some love for these individuals.

www.georgetowncupcakes.com I suggested this site in my Valentine’s day post and I am most definitely suggesting them again. They have a location in Boston for those who live there on Newbury St. When you walk in it’s like sheer bliss. I wanted to skip around and stuff cupcakes down my shirt. I didn’t, I just placed my order but one can dream. They also ship and deliver to local and lucky folks.

If you live in the Portland area-ish, you will want to find these places. They are wonderful.


www.lovecupcakesinme.com These people serve cupcakes out of a vintage trailer. What is better than that? Nothing. I tell you. Nothing. You can typically find them at Foreside Antiques, Rt. 1 in Falmouth and they always tweet where they are and what flavors they are featuring for the day. What I love the most about this cupcakery is that when the cakes are gone, they are gone. You absolutely can not get fresher than that. They bake for the day and that’s it. On Saturday, I took Miles to go and get a few of these luscious cakes. He passed out in the car, obviously out of touch with how amazing this pilgrimage was to be, and I had to run quickly, grab 4 and head back before he woke up. I will tell you, someone would have to pry these cupcakes out of my cold, dead, hands, that is how good they are. And in fact, if I threw one in the trash and smothered it in dish soap to protect myself from over indulgence, I may just fish it out and eat it regardless. You can taste the premium ingredients bite by bite. And truly, the size of them is perfection. I don’t need a cupcake the size of my head, I just need it to taste impeccable. Go. Go. Go. Get yourself a box of these. I will be spreading the word to EVERYONE. P.S. They also do events! Keep that in mind for your next party, wedding, whatever.

www.twofatcatsbakery.com I have a place in my heart for this bakery because I purchased my wedding cake from them. I literally went in their and was like: “Yo, I don’t care what you do, here is what I like, here is what I don’t like, here is a photo for reference and my flavors, I don’t want to see you till my wedding day.” And they were like: “Yo, no problem.” Wedding day arrived and they did me proud. A beautiful, simple, delicious and I mean delicious wedding cake that perfectly encompassed what I wanted. Price: SUPER reasonable. But, they also make divine cupcakes, pies and birthday cakes, which I purchase any chance I can, like for half birthdays and quarter birthdays. Visit them at 47 India St. in Portland.

Now, let’s talk about devices in which to cook with and how very pretty this one is:

1481407You love it, right? Of course you do because it’s shiny. Well, it’s not even so much the device I love but the website that sells it. Here, you can literally find everything from this pasta machine to like a sophisticated rubber ducky. They seem to stock it all. I thoroughly enjoyed the browsing. So go do some online window shopping and blow off the end of work on this frosty friday.


*The book at the top of the page is also sold on this website

Last but certainly not least: cheese. If you are having a Superbowl party this Sunday please please please do not be one of those people who serves like the weird colored cheese balls. Cheese does not happen to be naturally neon orange. People put things in it to get it that shade. And it’s not appetizing, at all. No one really want to eat it, well, ok, maybe a small amount of the population. Anyways, spend some money honey and get something good. It will bring good vibes into your home and your guests will be thrilled that you didn’t make them eat scary orange stuff. Although you may not be able to get this cheese by Sunday, check out the website. Get some ideas. Get some good cheese.


For local cheese I love:


Enjoy your parties, your gatherings, your sloppy or together Saturday nights. Have a sexy Sunday and lay back. We’re approaching February, help is on the way. Spring is coming. I can feel it. And if you can’t, remember, a bottle, I mean, a glass of champagne solves everything.


jenny & kim

*yes, there has been a new addition to the blog, formal introduction, coming soon.

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