Valentines Day: Ladies, do your part.

Well ladies and gentleman, we have two biggies before us in the next couple of weeks: Valentine’s Day and the Superbowl. Men right now are thinking about wings, beers and cheers while single women everywhere are longing for that special someone. Those who are in a relationship are dropping hints, hoping their man doesn’t fuck it up again this year. Maybe if you leave that Tiffany’s catalogue on the toilet enough times, he will finally get it. But, as women, we sometimes forget that we have a large part in Valentine’s Day as well. You can’t just stand there, hoping that romance will come and find you in that dark corner. You have to take some responsibility for the way your love day goes as well. Get a facial. Buy some fancy underwear. Hell, maybe just shave your legs. Relationship people get too comfortable with one another, they start expecting too much without any of the doing. So let’s talk about how us women can do our part this “love” day to make our men want to do for us.

1. Keep the romance alive the other 364 days a year

What do I mean by this? Too often I hear women friends of mine talk about how comfortable they are in their relationships. They do things like: fart, pick their nose, talk about when they do the sacred #2, etc. I roll my eyes in COMPLETE disbelief that this is actually happening and mutter something under my breath. Then, these ladies go on to tell me that it’s like, totally fine, “He’s completely cool with it” is what I usually get. Um, no, he is not. He is just telling you that to save you from yourself. Believe me. No man actually wants to know what you do in the bathroom. Ever. And, you can guarantee that you will take like 10 years of shelf life off your sexiness if you continue this ridiculous behavior. When you started dating, did you do any of that??? No. Because you wanted him to like you. I do none of the following: talk about the “#2”, fart EVER in front of him, I pick my nose only in desperate situations, I do not talk about “that time of the month” unless I have to warm him, I keep my female stuff tucked away and I try to give a shit about my appearance at least 80% of the time. You always want to care as though you were his “girlfriend” and if you are still his “girlfriend”, act like you did when you were dating. You will be his sex goddess and he will worship you.

2. Buy something enticing for Valentine’s Day

Instead of plastering the wall with photographs of blue boxes, shiny things and roses by the dozens, surprise him a week or so ahead of time with a photo of the sexy number you will be modeling for him. Show him you are thinking about pleasing him just as much as you want him to please you. Or purchase something fun to bring into the bedroom. I’m not talking leather and whips here people, let’s keep away from the rated R material. I’m talking something little to spice things up and show him that you are as interesting now as you were when you first met.  (If you want to spend some)  (If you want to spend a lot)

3. Cook him a nice dinner

Not takeout. No stupid million dollar meal. Cook him something from the heart. Something special. Something that took you a good long while on your feet in the kitchen. Use something he loves as a basis for your recipe. Maybe ask his mom, if that is an option, what his favorite childhood meal was and whip that up. Then, create a sultry dessert, something you can both share, probably chocolate, that isn’t too heavy. No one wants to feel like a drifting whale on Valentine’s Day. Have the a bottle of champagne open on the table, sitting on ice, ready to set the tone for the wonderful meal ahead. Women today, don’t know how important this is: food, food is the way to a man’s heart. Every man. Show that you care enough to cook him a lovely meal. (Great recipes for peeps of all levels) (Yummy treats you can have delivered to him)

4. Treat him the way you want to be treated

This should require no explanation. You want love. You better be willing to give it. If you can’t make him dinner or you have plans to go out for dinner, bring him a nice lunch at work. Make him a damn muffin. Write him a note. Yes, a note. And leave it somewhere you know he will find it before starting his day. Tell him he is the best thing that ever happened to you. Tell him he is sexy. You model what he feels about himself. Give him confidence and watch the difference it makes.

We control it ladies. We do. We make our men feel strong or we make them feel like idiots. If you have a good man, who deserves it. Tell him so. And please, whatever you do, remember: you are a lady. Act like one, or the only present you’re getting is something stupid like a dirt devil.

The picture above, I bought that for Josh a few years ago. Why? Because it says it all. It’s meaningful, simple and beautiful. And he absolutely loved it.


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