What to put in your face at noon: lunch round-up

The past two days have made me cry with delight as far as lunch goes. And why shouldn’t it? Prior to some of my recent discoveries, my lunch time was dreary and sad, leaving me feeling empty, completely empty. Well, all that has changed and I’m sharing with you some excellent items & spots to eat, treat yourself and be merry.

Micucci Grocery Co.

25 India St.

Portland, ME micuccis-slabDo you all know what this is???? Do you???? It’s a slice of Sicilian style pizza, outfit for someone like myself, with a huge mouth. The size is obviously, more than generous and I got it hot out of the oven. With a recent longing for home, this slice made me feel like I was standing back in the North End, being all crazy and 22, just enjoying life one moment at a time. This place is serious business, with real deal Italian treats and meats. Go and check it out. You will not be disappointed.

Molly’s Cupcakes ‘n’ More

8 Turning Leaf Drive

Windham, ME

417418I realize that I have already raved about this place, like, twelve or one hundred times but I don’t care. Because the more I discover, the more I love it. Justin, he’s my lunch maker and creator, whipped me up this amazing salad the other day and I have been hooked ever since. Fresh and I mean, fresh romaine lettuce, cut just for me, lots of fresh cut veggies, housemade croutons and real turkey, you can’t beat it. Healthy, filling and delicious. I also grabbed one of these coconut bar thingies today, I couldn’t help myself. It’s a family recipe and worth trying, Layers of sweet coconut with a graham cracker crust and a sweet topping of chocolate ganache.

419420I bought Josh some housemade corn chowder from Molly’s and an oatmeal raisin cookie. He was delighted.

The Good Life Market

1297 Roosevelt Trail

Raymond, ME

dsc01018Really amazing, thick, delightfully packed sandwiches. Fantastic prepared foods and local products. There is so much to love in this place. Sometimes, my husband and I go there and just get a loaf of bread, some cheese and some salami and dig in. The quality of their wine and food is unmatched. Check it out. It’s absolutely a local gem.

Why shouldn’t lunch be a little special? To me, it’s the most important meal of my day. It breaks up work, gets me out of the office and allows me to indulge in sheer goodness. In this area, finding a good lunch can be hard. These places, make my day. So ditch Subway, which is NOT fresh and go to a local shop and get something worth eating.


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