Weekly Round-Up: You get it girl.

As we all know, I want and love everything. I have always felt like I am someone located in the wrong life, not that I don’t LOVE my current situation, but sometimes I feel I should have been born in a bucket of champagne. With like, a closet of good cheese and crackers just waiting for me and couture salami hanging from the rafters. I mean I hate Victorias Secret and I secretly love Agent Provocateur, but who can afford a $190 pair of underwear? Too much? Okay, I’ll move on. Anyways, it’s Friday people and we are slowly edging out of January. Thank goodness because I am honestly over this weather. So let’s celebrate with some of my weekly discoveries. Don’t forget to place your champagne on ice now because it will be 5 o’clock before your ass even knows it.

Oh and P.S. Someone stopped me at Starbucks yesterday to let me know that I have a fantastic nose so I guess that means it’s going to be a radical Friday no matter what happens.

Let’s talk bar products. I looooooove a well stocked bar with boutique little items like this one. Good tonic water, real ginger ale, the way it’s supposed to be, olives the size of your head. Yup, these are necessary luxuries. And I can not get over this website that I just found. Expensive, yes, it is, but it’s small batch people. You have to pay for the good stuff once in a while. Buy. Create. Sip. Repeat.


With all these freezing temps going around I would recommend buying a tree for your home. It will brighten up your day. I had one of these outstanding olive trees blooming in my home until my nanny’s dog chewed off most of it. Kind of a bummer. But I’m nursing it back to health. Anyways, I’m usually a fan of buying local but I can’t get over this Agrarian Collection that William’s Sonoma is offering. It’s kind of fantastic. Beekeeping supplies, chicken coops and fashionable little olive trees. Go get one people.


Now let’s talk cooking people. I have to give my Bee Local gentleman credit once more because he is always introducing me to new and amazing things via his Twitter feed. This latest discovery, Jacobsen Salt, is what I believe to me the most delectable looking salt I have ever seen. It’s harvested right off the coast of Oregon. None of this far far away stuff, you don’t have to get your salt from Never Never Land, just go here and support a great company with some amazing products.



Please excuse the tiny tot picture.

And we always need new reading material, don’t we? Yup. Well, through the powers of the universe I was lucky enough to get introduced to two blogs I really love love love: The Blueberry Files and her friend, Strawberries in Paris. I’m SURE you will love what these ladies have to say as much as I do. Lots of great food tid-bits and recipes. Check them out on my “Can’t Live Without” page as well.



Anyways, toodles people. Have a great weekend!


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