So fresh. Big things people, big things.

harvest on the harbor

As some of my readers may have noticed, “Put That In My Face” has in fact, undergone some recent changes. And these changes are things that I am quite excited about as it means a dozen or so new additions, a facelift of sorts and a new direction for a blog that I have really come to love. This morning, I was told that my most recent post, made the business owner, who it was about, emotional, and that it provided her with some validation. Nothing could make me happier than to hear what I am writing is actually reaching people. Especially when they are people who are contributing to a community I really enjoy living in. Feedback like this entices me to expand my thoughts and ideas so I am excited to announce some new things coming your way:

  • Recipes: The recipes section will be a drop down menu which will take you to several different pages. I am going to feature: appetizers, main dishes, breakfast and the sweet stuff, with a possibility for cocktails. This is going to take some time to really put together, so be patient. I need to gather all my recipes and even from there, it will be a constant work in progress. Since I am no longer baking professionally, I am putting all of my coveted recipes out there. Use them. Share them. Steal them. I don’t care. Just enjoy.
  • In the Garden: This area will be about growing how to’s, farm to table cooking and my personal grow list. As the grow season approaches, I will begin writing about how to get your garden together. Simple do’s and don’t’s with a forum to ask questions.
  • Training Plans: For runners that are starting out and others that are old pro’s. Currently, I just finished the first phase of this page but there will be more coming shortly. Advice on food, injuries, etc.
  • New Layout: There may be one more change in the look of this blog. I have yet to decide where I want to land.
  • A Facebook Page: Yes, that’s right, a Facebook page dedicated to all things I love, tidbits I want to share, just pure, put that in your faceness. Be sure to like it and to tell everyone you know all about it.
  • Focus: The focus will be simply running & training advice, gardening tutorials & cooking, recipes and products I love.

So keep coming by, tell your friends about what is happening here. Follow this blog and get ready for lots of wonderful tools to help you: homestead, run better and be a healthier version of yourself.

Thanks for all the support everyone!



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