Molly, you give me just what I need, n’more.


When I moved to Windham with my husband, Maine Bean was just closing it’s doors. This horrified me because it was literally, the one piece of comfort I had. The Dunkin Donut’s in Windham is atrocious and the lunch spots are not much better. Starbucks is at least twenty minutes away. This all led to me baking like a mad woman, creating every confection that I could ever want to find it a bakery, however, the joy isn’t there when you make it yourself and there is no one to talk to about it. So after countless poptarts, oreos, brioche, macarons and cupcakes, I hung up my baking hat and came to the conclusion that I would have to eat at one of these sub-par places if I wanted takeout.

Then one day, I saw the sign for Molly’s Cupcakes N’More. A glimmer of hope flickered. I waited until they opened, anxious to see what was behind their doors. Would it be good? Would it disappoint? Would it make me want to fling myself into traffic or skip around in pure delight? I felt nervous. Excited. (Yes, all over a place to eat) I had heard rumors that their sandwiches would be reminiscent of the Maine Bean but was it all true?

Well, my first experience with Molly’s was a turkey club. And just by looking at the thing, I knew it was going to be a great day. The woman on the phone took my order in a friendly tone, reading my order back to me to ensure she had it right and when I arrived, I was greeted with a smile. People stopped what they were doing to provide me with my order in a timely fashion. What a concept! The sandwich had glorious thick wheat bread (I had my pick), slices of real roasted turkey, and I actually watched the lady slice the tomato for my order. The bacon was cooked fresh and there was plenty of it. For a girl who likes to eat this thing was hearty, filling and everything tasted really fresh. I was hooked. Some days, I would order a brownie with my sandwhich, last week I chose a coconut macaron, which happened to be coated with peppermint chocolate ganache. Apparently, that ganache was a mistake, but it was a delicious, magical mistake that completely made me happy. They offered me a new one like they did something wrong, no, no, I corrected them, quite the opposite. Lunch there is really wonderful as are the sweets but the staff is what really makes it special, carving out an environment, I can’t get anywhere else in Windham.

I eat there at least two to three times a week. The other days, I cry in a corner.

Anyways, there are days that I feel home sick, longing for the people and the food I used to love in Massachusetts. However, places like Molly’s Cupcakes N’More make me feel more at home, everyone perks up when I walk in and most of them know my name, that to me is worth every penny I spend in there. When I leave I know that I have a delicious bag of food in my hand and a smile on my face.

Molly’s Cupcakes N’More
8 Turning Leaf Drive, Unit #2
Windham, Maine 04062
(207) 894-3050

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