Why run.

never-run-nike1It’s not a question.

It’s a declaration.

But it could also be a question.

My shoes, thrown aimlessly upon the floor, recovering from their last bout on the terrain, are reminders that I must go again.

Why run.

To be fit. To look good naked. To wear sexy lingerie for a stranger, for the man of your dreams. For the one, or many you desire. To get your pants to fit. To get your pants on, period. To shake away the hatred you have for yourself.

Why run.

To prove that you are not weak. That your mind is strong. Your mind? Yes. Your mind. In running, your mind is either your ally or your enemy. It can tackle you standing if you’re not careful but it can also help you to rise above. Run to prove to yourself that you can do the one thing you never thought possible.

Why run.

Because the starting line is like chocolate cake, incredibly tempting and deeply addicting. Because to cross the finish is like a drug. Because you will never forget your first time. Because you will carry that moment with you, always.

Why run.

It will inspire others.Β Help you to come together. Form a team. You will feel like sisters or brothers. You will climb mountains. You will sweat. You will cry. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Dig deep. Run through it.

Why run.

For some, it’s not a choice. It’s a path we take. It chooses us. If you are one of those people and it flickers brightly or even dimly, you must not avoid it. It’s like a hungry child. You need to feed it. If you have it, it’s a gift. To turn your back to it is a sin.

Why run.

For those in wheelchairs.

For those who are dead.

For those who once did but now can’t.

Don’t turn your back on them.

Take to the pavement. In small steps or large ones.

For those who wish they could.

For yourself.

11 thoughts on “Why run.

  1. This was absolutely perfect. I’m so glad you shared this! There are so many amazing benefits to running- you just have to decide what that benefit is for you. Great post πŸ™‚

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