The world of juicing. Yay & Nay.

So seeing as though I am confined to the house today with no one to keep me company except for my children, I thought I would write a quick post about my week in juicing while my little ones are taking naps. This, by far, is my favorite time of day because it means for at least two hours, I can concentrate on myself. I get to embark on things like a shower without the fear of having to run out with soap still in my ass because I heard a freakishly loud scream. What a mental picture you just had floating in your mind, right? Anyways, week one of juicing has been interesting to say the least. After much reading and research, my husband helped me select a Hurom Slow Juicer which apparently is better because it cold presses the juice and extracts more fiber, leaving me with a nutrient rich, completely raw experience. It was extremely easy to figure out, easy to disassemble and clean and handles everything I throw at it, very well. My mornings begin with the Glowing Green Smoothie, a recipe I posted here previously. My afternoons are topped off with a rotating array of fruit/veggie mixtures and when I am feeling extra hungry before a meal, I concoct myself something simple and straight forward. I will admit, choking some of these down has been difficult but I’m getting the hang of it. After consuming, the morning juice keeps my appetite at bay until lunch time. I feel full. I feel energized and it has done amazing things to my digestion. It has also helped with my runs and has helped weight come off already. Here is a round-up of some of my favorite recipes. If you don’t have a juicer, simply blend them.

Red Goddess

Seeds of one pomegranate
1 whole cucumber (peeled if in a blender, unpeeled if using juicer)
1 mango (same as the cucumber)
A generous handful of pineapple
If you are using a blender, add the juice of 1-2 oranges to get the mixture going.

Root & Fruit

1 pint of strawberries
3 carrots (peeled if in blender, not peeled if in juicer)
Juice of 1 lime
1 apple (same as carrots)
If using a blender, add a small amount of organic, all natural apple juice to get the mixture going

Mean Mean Green

A generous handful of kale
A generous handful of spinach
1 cucumber (same as other recipes)
1 pear (same as other recipes)
1 apple (same as other recipes)
A smidge of fresh ginger
If using a blender, add a small amount of organic, all natural pear juice to get the mixture going


1 handful of wheatgrass
4 beets, cleaned well
2 apples (same as other recipes)
Juice of a lemon
Juice of a lime
If using a blender, add a small amount of organic, all natural apple juice to get the mixture going

Start with those people and then let me know what you think, if you want more, I am happy to provide them.
In other, non juicing news, there will be some new things happening to “Put That In My Face”. This week I will be working on the Training Page which will have training plans, useful tips and product information. Also, my Recipes page will be slowly forming and hopefully, after sometime, will have a large selection of items to choose from with instructions that make sense for intermediate cooks. So stay tuned, lots of wonderful things are coming your way.

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