The world of poptarts.

Today, my poptart appearance will be running on 207, part of a “best of” segment. I will be seen “creating” my poptarts on air, talking about my business “Eat Your Plate.” Only now, months later, “Eat Your Plate” no longer exists. Why? Well, poptarts were rewarding but not rewarding enough. My labor of love became a struggle for me when I realized that perhaps people in Windham, ME, aren’t quite ready for my movement. To make the food I create, I need expensive ingredients, which mean, I charge a good bundle for my confections. I became tired of explaining that. Eventually I tried to make more for less but it burned me out. And so I closed the proverbial doors to my business. I now bake for those who know about me and will ask when having a craving. I am posting this as requested by the lovely people at 207 so that no one is confused. Everyone there has been so wonderful and have always supported my small business. If you wish to contact me with any questions, ask about the recipe or really just need these poptarts, please feel free. I would be more than happy to assist with any cravings you happen to be having. They are indeed, quite delicious.

P: (207) 632-6642

Thanks for watching everyone. I appreciate the continued love and support, especially from the gracious 207 staff.

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