How’s about you read a damn book.

Books are wonderful little gems which I truly enjoy. I realize that technology has made it easy to wave goodbye to the paperbacks and hardcovers we once had to carry around but I refuse to embrace this new trend. I like the feel of a book. It makes me happy. It brings me back to sitting in the Coop for hours, looking through the stacks, searching for my next great read. If you are one of those people who have forgotten what a book feels like, put your device down, whatever it may be, and rub your fingers over the cover of a real book. Let it take you somewhere new. It won’t dissapoint.

Cookbooks are especially wonderful. This Christmas, Josh bought me three books (one of which I started reading two weeks ago, ha ha) which I just absolutely have to share, because I love them dearly already. Yes, after only one day of reading through them.


Tyler Florence/Fresh

This book is everything that I love about food. Don’t tinker with it. Nevermind fucking it up with all your crazy ass ideas, just let it flow, enjoy it as it is, in it’s most simple form. Fresh eating is something we have moved away from in this society. We need to revisit it. In the introduction, Mr. Florence goes into great scientific detail about what glucose/fructose does to body. It’s interesting to read and the recipes look fantastic. Go fill your fridge with freshness and embrace nature.


Daniel Humm & Will Guidara/Eleven Madison Park

Now this book I will never and I mean never use to cook from. I will allow it to inspire with it’s beauty and some of the ideas. It’s not for the casual rustic at home chef like myself and it aligns with zero of my cooking philosophies. However, it is a beautiful book filled with the history of this wonderful place to eat in New York City. When Josh and I lived there, we took Emma to a very fancy dinner during the season of winter. (Eleven Madison Park changes it’s decor with each season) It was a stunning meal and anyone who loves the idea of gorgeous food should own this cookbook. It’s truly remarkable.


Haruki Murakami/What I talk about when I talk about running

Author of a multitude of amazing novels (such as The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles) this writer also happens to be an avid runner. Not a die hard athlete but just a normal, I love to run, type of guy. His book brings you inside the mind of someone who just really enjoys this sport and helps to make sense of why people become addicted to it. I am half-way in with I’m sure more brilliance to come but thus far, I’m in love with this guys take on why people run.

It’s been a wonderful Christmas and I was rewarded with lots of amazing gifts. In the morning I will begin my juice cleanse adventure. Thank goodness I have lots of things to stimulate my mind. Merry Christmas everyone! Read a real book. Damn it.

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